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Ondreaz Lopez

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TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez denied the charges of s*xual assault in a statement in which he revealed that he had been assaulted twice.

TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez spoke

TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez spoke after being accused of s*xually assaulting a 17-year-old child in 2018.

Twitter user who identified himself as Al

On June 21, a Twitter user who identified himself as Al accused the 23-year-old social media personality of having s*xually assaulted them in an incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the age of consent is 16 years.

Al said that they and other members of the Ondreaz dance team had also agreed to sleep at his home before a dance competition to be held the next day in Arizona. Al said that by sleeping in the same bed as Ondreaz, who was supposed to be 21 at the time, he “forced” them to touch their genitals. “He didn’t let me go until I turned around,” they said.

Since then, the Twitter user has said that Ondreaz confused them with his answer, tweeting: “… he not only used my dead name, but kept calling me bad pronouns. I’m using Al, please don’t talk to me by his dead name. ”

Ondreaz Lopez Denied

Ondreaz, however, denied having s*xually assaulted Al. In a long statement on Twitter, the 23-year-old described his version of events.
He said that the night Al described him, he was sleeping on the sofa in his house and offered to sleep in the room with him because he wanted to be “polite”. Ondreaz said he accepted his offer and said they liked to hug before “putting their legs on mine and hiding their faces” in his neck. After that, he claimed that he turned to them and that they “started kissing”.

Lopez described, “We were together for about half an hour, and it looked like things were getting worse, so I got over it. At that point, they arrested me and said no. I want to have I was definitely confused, but in no time [they] had to force themselves to leave me. “Ondreaz adds that” there was no assault “on his part.

Al also said: “My team turned their back on me when Ondreaz told everyone that I had chased him and that I had started it all, when he was the only one to invite me into his bed when I was already sleeping on her sofa. ”

They added in a later tweet that they had never officially reported the incident to the authorities, fearing “that they would never take me seriously”.

Ondreaz says he “has been cordial” with Al

However, Ondreaz says he “has been cordial” with Al since the night in question and that they “made cheerful jokes about the night we spent together”.

He admitted that Al “acting amicably” with him and his brother Tony Lopez “does not mean that they [did not feel well that night”. Lopez continued, “I would never want to invalidate a victim of s*xual assault, but some of the claims they make are simply not true.”

Ondreaz added that he had also been the victim of s*xual assault twice. He said that an “friend of an older brother” assaulted him when he was 8 years old. He gave no further details on the second incident, as he explained that the alleged perpetrator was a family member who “is still in my life”.

He explained: “My point of view on sharing these two stories is NOT that of sympathy and also not to distract [Al] ‘s claims. I have been able to heal and be stronger over the years , but my opinion is that I have lived what they claim and I would NEVER put anyone in the absolutely bad and despicable behavior that I experienced as a child. ”

Ondreaz also apologized to Al in his statement

Ondreaz also apologized to Al in his statement. “I want to end this with an apology,” he said. “Regardless of what happened between us that night, they obviously felt very uncomfortable and I never intended to hurt them or make them feel that way . ”

He concluded his message by emphasizing the importance of consent and by encouraging anyone who has been s*xually assaulted to contact the national hotline against s*xual assault.

Since Ondreaz released his statement, Al has tweeted that they think “he just twisted history”, among other things.

Lopez became famous thanks to dance videos that he and his brother Tony posted on TikTok. He is currently one of the most popular creators of the social media app, with over 16 million followers.