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Finally apologized

TikTok star OnlyJayus has been the latest victim of cancellation culture after being caught delivering racist slurs in text messages posted on the internet. The internet did not play when he was criticized and apologized. Isabella Avila AKA OnlyJayus finally apologized and revealed what exactly happened. Fans and netizens were always in a relentless mood. In a video, he said: “In my past I said bad things to people and I am very ashamed to use racist rhetoric and derogatory language to hate others because I knew what that word is. meant and that I understood the power behind it. . “them, but I said it anyway because it was the worst I could think of and I’m sorry for everyone but especially those in the black community.”

“Only you can forgive me. There is no excuse or excuse for what I said and you deserve it better. I forgot how hateful and angry a person was, ”he said.

The screenshots are from a year old, with the content creator using the N word in the conversation. HITC says it’s unclear who the star spoke to, but the use of the word was enough to spark outrage. “No, no, but you said you knew what the n-word meant, so why did you say that? Damn you shouldn’t have said that if you knew what it meant, what a stupid excuse, one of the tweets continued to read the responses.

“The only people allowed to have an opinion, even from a distance, are Blacks / Pocs. I personally understand (not myself, but people) people who have a racist past that they no longer believe in and who pursue them., Only people who have something to say are them and that’s it! Another read.

Accepting an apology was not an option for most people. “Yes nahhhh, there is no excuse for that. I understand that people may not have built up emotions, but those emotions do not allow you to tell people that you hope their parents have a cancer and calling them insults. These apologies were only made because more people saw what you said and regretted it, “commented one fan.

“I see the loudest people here are the ones who are against you, but there are many who give you the opportunity to keep things calm and quiet because there is a backlash here. I am not. hurt, so I can. ” I accept the apologies, but I hope you are doing better (silent), ”a tweet read.