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Who is Pascale Ferrier ( A woman who sent letter to white house containing deadly poisonous castor plant ) Wiki, Bio, Crime, Age, Investigations and More Facts

Pascale Ferrier

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A city east of Montreal has become the subject of an investigation into a letter sent to the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The RCMP confirmed Monday that officers were conducting an “ongoing operation” at an address in Saint-Hubert, Que. – a Longueuil district across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal – in a letter sent to the White House from Canada last week that contained the deadly poisonous castor plant.

RCMP Cpl. Melanie Cappiello-Spebanne said: The operation is directly involved in the investigation of the toxicity letter and includes the CBRNE team (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive).

“You are conducting the operation because the dangerous substance in question presents a potential risk,” she said.

On Sunday, authorities arrested a Canadian woman attempting to enter the United States from Canada as part of the investigation.

Pascale Ferrier identity confirmed

Although law enforcement on both sides of the border have not confirmed the identity of the woman, court documents identify her as Pascale Ferrier, 53.

US Customs and Border Protection spokesman Mike Niezgoda confirmed that the woman was arrested on the Peace Bridge.

He was supposed to appear in court in Buffalo Monday morning, but a United States attorney general told The Sun that his appearance was postponed until 4 p.m. Tuesday.

It was rumored that he had a gun when he was arrested.

Cpl. Charles Poirier said six letters in total were sent: one to the White House and another five to the Texas government and police.

“We cannot confirm that he lived in (the apartment), but he is related to her,” Poirier said.

Federal taxes must be collected.

Twitter account corresponding

On September 9, a Twitter account corresponding to Ferrier’s name posted threatening tweets against US President Donald Trump, including one with the hashtag #killtrump and another describing him as an “ugly bully clown.”

The New York Times reported that Ferrier was arrested last year in Mission, Texas, for carrying a weapon without a license, opposing the arrest, and having a false driver’s license.

The police also discovered that she had approved her visa.

Before being deported to Canada, she was reportedly detained in a prison run by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department. County Sheriff Eddie Guerra confirmed Monday that her office received a letter tied with a beaver cord.

Mission police also received toxic letters last week, a department spokesman for Art Flores confirmed.

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