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Patrick Montgomery

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A man accused of participating in the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill is currently under house arrest for killing a lion in Colorado with a gun he shouldn’t have.

Patrick Montgomery was charged ten cases in January for his role in the riot, but received parole that banned him from possessing a gun.

Montgomery breached that condition when he shot a puma with a .357 caliber pistol in a Denver park in March, federal prosecutors said in court records.

Montgomery spent six years behind bars for a robbery in 1996 and authorities banned him from carrying a firearm, including a pistol.

Prosecutors said?

Prosecutors said Montgomery also violated Colorado law when he caught a wildcat in January, threw it from a tree with a slingshot, and saw his dogs kill the animal. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the use of the sling and the dogs is not legal under state law.

Both sides had to approve new terms for Montgomery’s release, which was 24-hour house arrest with GPS tracking, CBS 4 Denver reported.

According to CBS, Montgomery owns a hunting ride called Pmonte Outdoors.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife asked Montgomery to be convicted of theft, but informed officials that he was allowed to carry a hunting weapon but that files were unable to provide evidence.

Montgomery was arrested on January 17 in Littleton, Colorado for allegedly participating in the Capitol riot and charged with assaulting a Metropolitan Police Department officer of physical violence for illegally joining the Capitol and Senate assemblies to disrupt formal proceedings and civil unrest. and disruptive behavior.

Investigators identified Montgomery from Facebook photos allegedly showing him in the Capitol, the Washington Post reported.

Someone told Montgomery they had been reported to the FBI.

“I’m not a scared cat and I don’t run away from anything,” Montgomery replied in the newspaper, citing the court record. “I did not forcibly stormed the castle. The police peacefully admitted my group, with whom we spoke with respect.

He was arrested on April 21st.

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