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Who is Paul Robson ( Cage fighter, 50, is GUILTY of beating his teacher girlfriend ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Paul Robson

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A caged fighter has been convicted of murdering his former teacher partner after blackmailing him for an illegal relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Paul Robson inflicted fatal head injuries on Caroline Kayll, 47, in an ongoing attack on her and her boyfriend at her Northumberland home in November.

The boy suffered several injuries.

Paul Robson, 50, of Stanley Street in Wallsend, was also convicted of attempting to kill the teenager.

Newcastle Crown Court has learned that the ‘cruel and calculating’ cage-fighting coach and MMA veteran has 21 convictions for 92 felonies in over 30 years.

He claimed to have met Ms Kayll in 2005, while he was incarcerated in a prison where she worked as an education officer.

It was around this time that they began a secret relationship that resumed years later when he was re-incarcerated for drug and gun crimes in 2014.

After Ms Kayll left her husband, a prison officer, Robson moved to Linton, near Ashington, after his release.

They separated weeks before the murder when she found out she was having illegal sex with the boy who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Paul Robson threatened to ‘ruin’ them by revealing their relationship and, in return for his silence, Kayll paid him £ 29,000 for 10 days in November and took out a loan of £ 10,500.

However, on November 15, Paul Robson drove three hours from Glasgow to Linton after purchasing a locksmith bar, car GPS locator, screwdriver, pliers, wrench and ammonia.

The former con artist was later found walking around Ms Kyall’s home under video surveillance.

During the “horrific” attack, the court heard that Paul Robson had kicked his former partner in the head, possibly strangled her, cut her with a razor, cut strands of her hair and cut his clothes.

He also used various knives to attack the boy, sprayed his victims with ammonia, and stole their phones so they couldn’t call for help.

Paul Robson then fled to Glasgow and remained at large while police called him. Kayll received respiratory assistance at Newcastle Hospital but died a few days later.

He then blamed the boy for his murder, whom he claimed to have assaulted and injured in self-defense.

Following the conviction, Detective Inspector Graeme Barr of the Northumbria Police Department described the case as “one of the most violent crimes” he had investigated.

She said: “His attack on Caroline and her minor victim was deliberate and showed a terrible level of violence.

“There is no doubt that he wanted to kill or permanently disfigure his two victims.

“He managed to kill his former partner and left scars for life on his young victim.

“Not only that, but he spent days evading the police before attempting to attribute Caroline’s murder to a vulnerable teenager.

“There is a very real possibility that he will never know freedom again and I hope he can bring justice to his victims.”

Robson will be sentenced on Wednesday.

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