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Who is Paul Walton ( Man 53, Stole his neighbor dog , binding his leg and having s*x with it ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Animal Cruelty, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Paul Walton

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  • Paul Walton, 53, admits stealing a dog, binding his paws and having s*x with it
  • He stole the kelpie on April 6, took it to his trailer and covered his mouth.
  • The police searched the trailer and took the dog to the vet with very serious injuries
  • Walton pleaded guilty to stealing the dog, bestiality and willful cruelty

Paul Walton admitted stealing neighbor’s dog and having sex with him in his trailer, severely injuring the animal

Paul Walton 53, Pleaded guilty Monday in Victoria County Court to deliberately stealing the Gemma kelp cross, guilty of bestiality and cruelty to animals.

Incident Details

Gemma went missing on April 6 when Walton brought the seaweed to his trailer and tied his legs with a rope and black ribbon.

He then tied the dog’s mouth and nose with black tape before committing the heinous act.

Gemma was reported missing by the dog’s owner, a breeder who saw Walton visit her home today.

Police broke into Walton’s trailer on April 7, where they found the algae still bound and shaking on the ground.

When the police entered the trailer, they found pornography on the television and the dog was “visibly disturbed,” the court said.

The 12-year-old bitch was taken to the vet where it was found that she suffered from severe internal and external injuries.

Walton admitted he robbed and handcuffed Gemma, but told them he “couldn’t do what he wanted”.

Attorney Stephen Devlin said Walton had already visited a nearby property to go fishing.

“The dog is friendly and would go with anyone, and the dog knows the defendant from previous visits,” he told the court.

When the police returned home, they found the 53-year-old man’s clothes covered in dog hair.

Judge Trevor Wraight said Walton was only released from prison a few months for similar crimes involving dogs.

Walton spent more than three years in prison for the continuing cruelty of three dogs who suffered “worse injuries” than those inflicted on Gemma, according to the Herald Sun.

The court heard that Walton still has the support of his parents, but is only allowed to see his daughter when she is with them.

Defense attorney Philip Skehan said the crimes led to him being beaten, provoked and spat in prison.

“He’s being slandered in his Shepparton community and slandered in prison,” he said.

Mr. Skehan asked the judge to consider a community correction order in lieu of jail.

“This is very serious animal cruelty,” Judge Wraight said.

Walton was in custody on Friday pending his sentencing.

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