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How World’s Oldest Father Dies at the Age of 104? Ramjeet Ragav Biography, Age, Becomes Father at the Age of 96, Death Causes and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Ramjeet Ragav

Ramjeet Ragav Short Biography – Wiki

Ramjeet Ragav, “The world’s oldest father”, who gave birth to two children at the age of 90, died in India at the age of 104 after his bed caught fire while smoking.

Ramjeet Ragav- Age

He was 104 years old.

Ramjeet Ragav- Becomes Father at the Age of 96

Ramjit Ragav made headlines around the world in 2010 when his first son was born, and again when he broke his own record two years later at the age of 96.

But the former wrestler died in hospital after severe burns in a fire last Tuesday at his home in Kharkov, near New Delhi.

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Ramjeet Ragav- Death Causes

The neighbor said he ran to help after hearing his cries for help. He said, “I saw smoke coming out of his house, then I heard him call for help. I ran and saw him lying on the ground in a fire.

“I sprayed him with water and helped him get into the car before taking him directly to the local hospital.

“The doctors gave him immediate treatment. His left side was badly burned. But the doctors sent him to another hospital in Rohtak, so I took him and took him before I went home.
Ramjit Shakuntala’s wife incredibly gave birth to her first son, Vikramdzhita, in 2010, at the age of 60 and 94.