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Randy Gray

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Shocking footage shows a police officer beaten and knocked to the ground on the last night of the destruction in Portland, Oregon.

Images captured by the Oregonian and shared by the Portland Police Department show a bicycle sergeant pinned down by a black-clad protester and shoving a phone in his face Tuesday night.

“Damn cops!” Someone in the crowd screams as the officer takes the protester away. The two men exchange angry words.

When the policeman leaves and a speaker confirms that this is an illegal gathering, another member of the large group suddenly slaps him in the face.

If the sergeant falls to the ground, the attacker will jump on him before other officers interrupt the attack.

“Some targeted shots were used in response to violent driving,” Portland Police Sergeant Kevin Allen said of the attacker’s battle. “An officer also sprayed pepper spray,” the troops said.

The sergeant landed “in a dangerous position, under the suspect and on his back”.

“It was a very dangerous situation,” the troops said. “At that time, other officials intervened to stop the attack.”

Suspect Charged

Randy Gray, 36, was charged with assaulting a public security officer, fourth degree assault, stalking, behavioral disturbances and criminal malice, police said. According to online records, he was released from the Multnomah County Detention Center on Wednesday.

The latest night of violence rocked Portland as protesters in most U.S. cities celebrated the historic conviction of former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

Instead, police say at least 100 people took to the streets of Portland, setting fires, breaking windows and scribbling graffiti.

Police also arrested a suspect accused of destroying a local bar and splashing windows.

Kenneth Harold, 24, was charged with a criminal accident and was in possession of a broken glass tool and spray cans when he was arrested, police said.