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Actor Raphael Coleman ‘Nanny McPhee’ dies aged 25, Raphael Coleman Biography, Age, Death Causes, Eric; Red Hairwd Child in Elegant Pants, Acting Achievements and Tribute to Raphael Coleman

Raphael Coleman

Raphael Coleman Biography – Wiki

Raphael Coleman, a former child actor who appeared in “Nanny McPhee” in 2005 and committed his adult life to climate protection, died at the age of 25.

Raphael Coleman- Age

He was 25 years old.

Raphael Coleman- Death Causes

According to a long and verified Facebook post by Carsten Jensen, Coleman’s stepfather and Danish author and columnist, Coleman died on Friday after collapsing due to existing health problems while on a trip and could not be restored “.

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Raphael Coleman- Eric, the Red-Haired Child in Elegant pants

Coleman’s first and best-known actor was Eric, the red-haired child in elegant pants – one of the seven children of Colin Firth’s character – in Emma Thompson’s “Nanny McPhee”. He was 11 when the film was released.

Raphael Coleman- Horror film “It’s Alive”

His other acting achievements include the horror film “It’s Alive”, the science fiction / thriller “The Fourth Kind” and the short film “Edward’s Turmoil” released in 2009.
“As a child, he was old-fashioned, extremely educated, and liked to teach adults with his ever-amazing knowledge,” wrote Jensen, describing the role of Coleman’s “Nanny McPhee” as one in which he “played with many” talented, somewhat red-haired boy, who always mixed explosive chemical ingredients. He had several roles, was rewarded and could have chosen an acting career. But he wanted to be a scientist, not blow up something like his figure. Nanny Mcphee ‘, but to save the planet. ”
According to Jensen, Coleman, who consulted Iggy Fox online, studied zoology and campaigned for wildlife conservation and climate change awareness. He said Coleman was “one of the first and most active members” of Extinction Rebellion, a British group committed to climate change.

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Raphael Coleman- Tribute on the Extinction Rebellion website

“Iggy was a brilliant and burning soul, he is very much missed,” said a tribute on the Extinction Rebellion website. Coleman’s bio website says he was “born and raised in London” and “made on the go”.

Raphael Coleman- Jensen

“Death has wiped out Raph, but he has not wiped out the light that burned in him because no one who knew it was affected or forgotten, and that’s how he lives.” wrote Jensen.

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