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Rapper Qawmane Hired hitman to kill his own mum, Rapper Qawmane Wiki, Bio, Age, Convictions, Murder, Court Decision and 03 Interesting Facts

Rapper Qawmane Wilson

Rapper Qawmane Wilson Biography – Wiki

A Chicago rapper Qawmane Wilson was sentenced to 99 years in prison after paying a killer to murder his own mother so he could have access to his bank accounts and life insurance.

Rapper Qawmane Wilson- Age

He is 30 years old.

Rapper Qawmane Wilson- Convicted in Murder

Last year, Qaw’mane Wilson AKA, “Young QC”, was convicted of murder on behalf of a man. Yesterday, he was ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Rapper Qawmane Wilson- Mother Yolanda Holmes

Yolanda Holmes was shot and killed by killer Eugene Spencer after Wilson told him to “make the asshole die”.

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Rapper Qawmane Wilson- Hired Killer Eugene

The only child Wilson has hired is Eugene Spencer, who is supposed to kill his mother so that he can access his accounts in 2012.

Rapper Qawmane Wilson- Money to Show Off

The rapper used the money to show off his clips and often donated thousands of dollars to his fans.

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Rapper Qawmane Wilson- Cook County Judge

The Cook County judge, Stanley Sacks, said with conviction that Holmes was a dedicated mother who had given her son everything he wanted.

“His mother gave him everything he wanted. A car. A job. You could say he was spoiled.

“She gave Qaw’mane life and it was her decision to take it away from him,” Justice Sacks said in court yesterday.

Rapper Qawmane Wilson- 03 Interesting Facts

  • He is 30 years old.
  • He hired is Eugene Spencer, who killed his mother.
  • He is imprison for 99 years.

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