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Raymond Leiendecker

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Raymond Leiendecker pleaded guilty to two murders in the deaths of Scott Davis and Cindy Fritz

A judge has sentenced an Ohio man to 30 years in prison, according to multiple reports, after admitting to killing two people in 2019 while deliberately driving his truck to a medical facility.

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On September 13, 2019, shortly before 10 a.m., Raymond Leiendecker, 46, drove his truck through the emergency doors of Diley Ridge Medical Center in Fairfield County, local television station NBC4 reported.

Scott Davis, 61, and Cindy Fritz, 58, died of their injuries, then-WBNS television reported. Leiendecker pleaded guilty to two murders in March of this year.

Ahead of his conviction on Friday, Leiendecker apologized to the families of the victims, telling them he had tried to get help for his mental health issues but was turned down, according to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette.

Before 12 people linked to the victims released impact assessments, Judge David Trimmer, Common Pleas of Fairfield County, contacted Leiendecker and the courtroom.

“Although there was only one act in which the truck was driven into the building, two people were still killed in the action. None of these terms reflect the gravity of the action.” , Trimmer said. “The company lost two good members.”

Cindy Fritz’s husband David said he used to visit the doctor with his wife, but this time he didn’t, the newspaper reported. Her siblings were devastated when they spoke about her caring and fun nature.

“There was nothing to prepare for that call I got from David when he said, ‘he’s gone. “There was no final farewell, there was no ‘I love you brother’ he always gave me, his brother Gary Hutton said at the hearing, reported newspaper. “She left well before her time. I would be alive today if it weren’t for [Leiendecker’s] stupid act. ”

Scott Davis was a hospital employee. Some of his colleagues spoke at the hearing and described what it was like to work where their colleague was killed.

Nadine Engler said the trauma of the ongoing event impacted her on a daily basis, The Gazette reported.

“Every night when I see the truck I try to stop it and I can’t,” Engler said. “It’s all I can see before I go to bed, and I can’t help but see it.”