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Who is Rebecca Short ( Trainee dental nurse marrying a death row inmate ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Rebecca Short

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A British trainee Rebecca Short dental assistant said she would go to Disney World before flying to Arizona and marrying a death row inmate Manuel Ovante Jr who killed two people and dumped one of their bodies in an alley.

Rebecca Short Age

Rebecca Short, 26, from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, told her family she was vacationing in the US and even posted vacation snaps from Disney World, Florida, and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

However, she surprised her relatives by posting photos of herself marrying Mexican-American double murderer Manuel Ovante Jr., 35, who is on death row at Eyman Prison in Florence, Arizona.

Ovante spent more than a decade in prison after being sentenced to death in 2010 for murdering two men while drugging for methamphetamine in 2008.

Ovante went to a man’s house with three of his friends on June 11, 2008 while they were looking for drugs.

Inside, the group met three other men. Ovante shot one of the men twice in the head while he was sleeping, injuring the other two.

Ovant and his friends then took one of the injured men and dragged him behind their truck while he bled from his gunshot wounds until he died.

They threw the man’s body down an alley. The other injured survived the attack.

The double killer was allowed out of his cell to marry his British pen pal on April 14 and smiled as he posed for a photo.

Rebecca celebrated the wedding with Ovante’s family, displaying a tiered wedding cake topped with black icing and the words ’till death do us part!’.

Ovante is one of 113 death row inmates at the Arizona prison, where execution inmates typically spend 17 years before being killed by lethal injection.

One of her friends, in an interview with The Sun, said she was “always obsessed with watching Netflix documentaries about serial killers in America, but nobody thought she was going to run off and marry one”.

The Oxfordshire woman posed in a black dress with the Mexican-American Ovante, who wore his orange prison-era jumpsuit.

She had written to him after coming across his online pen pal profile, which said, “I get on well and I’m more of a dork.”

Ovante also wrote that he was “very loyal to people I care about.”

He said: Nobody is perfect, so I hope not to be judged by past mistakes.

“I love reading and listening to music. I have a daughter named Bonnie.

“I’m not sure what I’m looking for in a pen pal, so I guess you’ll have to surprise me.”

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