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Rebecca Walkowitz, Rutgers University’s English Dept has created a list of “anti-racist” guidelines, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Twitter and More Details

Rebecca Walkowitz

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Rebecca Walkowitz, Rutgers University’s English Department has created a list of “anti-racist” guidelines and initiatives for the upcoming academic year, including an effort to emphasize traditional grammar rules.

Rebecca Walkowitz, director of Rutgers’ English department

College Fix reports that Rebecca Walkowitz, director of Rutgers’ English department, sent the campus agenda “appropriately” on June 11 in an email titled “Department Actions in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter.”

The email says the initiatives are a “way to help eradicate systemic inequalities faced by blacks, indigenous peoples and people of color.”

One of the initiatives is described as “incorporating ‘critical grammar’ into our pedagogy”.

“This approach challenges the family dogma that teaching writing should limit the emphasis on grammar / sentence issues so as not to disadvantage non-standard ‘academic’ multilingual learners of the English language.” , indicates the email.

“Instead, it encourages students to develop a critical awareness of the variety of options available to them regarding micro-level issues, in order to empower and equip them to combat accent-based bias.” writings ”.

Traditional grammar is now subjective and a stylistic choice

Traditional grammar is now subjective and a stylistic choice when it comes to student cultures. The graduate program in writing will advise you to review grammar in course articles, academic articles, and dissertations, according to the program’s website.

Since 2012, the English department has had a prejudice awareness and prevention committee.

Committee decisions

The committee decided on several of these initiatives at a June meeting, agreeing that it must “move from a role that emphasizes awareness and prevention to a role that emphasizes” culture change, ”Walkowitz wrote.

According to a recommendation approved by heads of all teaching units, all substitute English instructors must attend at least one remote workshop on “how to have an anti-racist classroom,” the email said.

The committee will launch a webpage “to provide access to events, resources and affiliate groups”, in addition to hosting two teachings on Black Lives Matter, “Anti-Racism”, Police Brutality and Prison Reform.

Walkowitz noted

Concerned about inclusion and diversity, Walkowitz noted that in the spring there will be a workshop dedicated to “Decolonization of the writing center”. Another spring course will be entitled “Orientation for Diversity and Inclusion”.

“Both critically involve the history of ‘English studies’ and how we can continue to teach / teach composition in English, while working to create linguistically diverse writing centers and decolonized spaces,” said writes Walkowitz.

For the next school year, the English department will offer 14 African-American literature courses, on topics ranging from “W.E.B. Dubois and his last lives” to “Afro-futurism and black speculative fiction”.

The UK department also pledged to seek out and support black-owned businesses, “since catering is a substantial part of our discretionary spending.”

Walkowitz did not respond to The College Fix for comment. Executive Dean Peter March and Rutgers media spokesman Dory Devlin also dismissed requests for comment, asking if these initiatives made educational sense for the entire Rutgers study.