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Who is Rehan Baig ( Man 37 had s*x with his pet chickens in a basement while his wife filmed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Rehan Baig

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  • The images of Rehan Baig (37), who had sex with the birds that died during the trial, were filmed by Ms Haleema and found on her computer in “Family Videos”.
  • Two judges at the London Court of Appeal today ruled that his initial term was too long, shortened to two years and four months.
  • A “depraved” man who had sex with his chickens while his wife was filming him had his sentence reduced on appeal.

Images of Rehan Baig having s*x with birds, which died as a result, were found on computer equipment confiscated from his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire, along with indecent images of children.

Rehan Baig, 37, was sentenced to three years in prison in Bradford Crown Court last October for admitting to committing a variety of crimes, including s*x with an animal, extreme pornography and indecent photos of children.

His sentence was reduced to two years and four months at the London Court of Appeal today after two higher judges deemed the original sentence too long.

His attorneys argued that his prison term should be suspended so that he could be released immediately.

But Sir Roderick Evans, hearing Baig’s appeal before another judge, said: “We are delighted that a meaningful and immediate sentence is needed.”

Illness crimes

Baig’s illness crimes were discovered when officials from the National Crime Agency executed a search warrant at the family’s home in July 2019 after receiving news that he had bad photos of children.

Computer equipment was seized from the house and 49 indecent images of children were found, including 11 in the most serious category, some of which showed children as young as six years old.

Officials also found a “significant” amount of extreme pornography, including a series of “first-generation home movies” featuring Baig and occasionally his wife, 38-year-old Haleema Baig, engaging in s*xual activity with animals and saved under the man’s name. archive. Family Video “.

Images showed

Some of the images showed the couple engaging in s*xual activity with a dog, while others showed Baig “quite long” having s*x with chickens and his wife sometimes filming some of the images on a cell phone.

Judge Richard Mansell QC sentenced the couple in October, saying the acts “would make any sane member of society sick.”

The judge called Baig’s insult “depraved, wicked and despicable” and said the making of the videos was “simply incomprehensible.”

Crown Court learned that images show two of the dead chickens in the basement, and another video shows Baig putting one of the dead animals in a garbage bag. He was also filmed sleeping with a dead chicken.

Bradford Crown Court learned that Haleema Baig will be joining her husband in the videos and that at one point he stopped having s*x with his wife and her chickens.

Judge Mansell said, “The pain and suffering you inflicted on these animals must have been terrible.”

Prosecutors said the chickens were initially pets and all died as a result of Baig’s actions.

Baig admitted to three cases in which he took bad photos of children, three cases in which he possessed extreme pornography, three cases in which he had sex with an animal, and three cases in which he possessed controlled drugs.

The keeping of animals has been banned and is listed on the S*x Offender Registry for life.

His wife received a six-month suspended sentence after admitting to witnessing s*x with an animal in the context of coercing and controlling the behavior of her husband.