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Supercars driver Renee Gracie turn to Po*n Star, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Monthly Income, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Renee Gracie

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Renee Gracie, a V8 Supercar driver who gave up racing to earn more money as a po*n star has revealed that he plans to use his fortune to get back into motorsport.

Renee Gracie Age

She is 25 years old.

Renee Gracie earns $ 25,000 a week

Renee Gracie sensationally quit the competition late last year and now earns $ 25,000 a week selling explicit videos and photos on the exclusive subscription site OnlyFans.

Gracie said Thursday that his fortune in po*n gave him financial security he never had as a racing driver, claiming he had no profit in the sport.

“I now have the financial security to get back in the race,” Gracie told the Daily Telegraph.

Now I can afford to run without worrying about hitting the car. I can do it and I can afford to do it. I can run and don’t have to worry about a budget. I will not depend on sponsorships.

Renee Gracie return to V8 Supercars

The 25-year-old has said she would consider a return to V8 Supercars, but admits that is unlikely to happen as her new career has “irritated a few feathers”.

“They can try to ban me, but it will be interesting to see how. I don’t think sports administrators wouldn’t allow me to run. Not in 2021 with all the social injustices happening around the world. What are they afraid of? ‘ she says.

Instead of V8 Supercars, Gracie envisions a return to the Carrera Cup – the event that started his entire racing career.

Renee Gracie first woman to be behind a Porsche in the 2013 Carrera Cup Australian Championship

Gracie was the first woman to be behind a Porsche in the 2013 Carrera Cup Australian Championship.

She then rose to prominence when she teamed up with Swiss driver Simona de Silvestro in Bathurst in 2015,

Gracie said earlier that he didn’t make any money driving V8 supercars and quit motorsport late last year.

Earlier this year Ms. Gracie’s account was revealed by OnlyFans and since then she has been very honest about her transactions on the site.

Renee Gracie n*de photos

After earning $ 3,000 the first week selling n*de photos, she also started posting videos of herself having s*x.

Gracie said he is making $ 25,000 a week on the site and is expected to raise $ 1 million this year, enough to pay for his new home in full at just 25.

She sparked controversy last month with a racist speech saying that she “didn’t like Indians” because South Asian men allegedly transmitted their “copyrighted” images.

– For all of you, Indian idiots on my page. Stop stealing my pictures, ” she wrote on her OnlyFans page. “They have copyrights and I don’t own them.”