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Who was Revelle Balmain ( Sydney model was last seen alive in 1994 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Revelle Balmain

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A cook without a violent history was “unhappy” to be publicly linked to the disappearance of a prostitute and the death of his flatmate Revelle Balmain in a house fire.

Suspect Gavin Owen Samer

Gavin Owen Samer was named two decades ago as the suspect in the alleged murder of 22-year-old Sydney model and escort Revelle Balmain in 1994.

He had also shared an apartment with Rosa Rosenberg, a 52-year-old retiree, before she was killed in an explosion at her old home in January.

Samer has never been charged with Ms Balmain’s disappearance, but was convicted of assaulting Ms Rosenberg late last year.

That conviction was overturned in New South Wales District Court on Wednesday by a judge who found there was insufficient evidence Samer had physically injured Ms Rosenberg.

Judge Siobhan Herbert also quashed a 12-month arrest warrant and a $ 500 fine against Samer for intimidating Ms Rosenberg, but dropped her conviction for the offense.

Judge Herbert learned that Samer had previously been punished by media coverage of his association with the two deceased women, which was completely accidental.

“Mr. Samer has an unfortunate history of being concerned in the context of the alleged death of a woman on November 5, 1994, which attracted media attention,” Justice Herbert said.

That attention was awakened when he was convicted in September last year for assaulting and intimidating Ms Ronsenberg in her apartment in Bondi and four months later by the deadly fire.

Ms Roseberg – known to her friends as Rosa

Ms Roseberg – known to her friends as Rosa – later told author John Dale that Samer was a “psychopath” with a knife under his pillow, the court heard.

Samer had also been charged with sexual offenses against Ms Rosenberg, but those charges were withdrawn when she was killed in the explosion at her home.

“Due to media attention, Mr. Samer himself has a mental health problem and has been admitted to the Mental Health Unit at Gold Coast Hospital for treatment,” Justice Herbert said.

Samer was convicted of assault on September 2, 2019, and persecuted or intimidated Ms Rosenberg in Bondi on April 12 of this year.

The 52-year-old woman threatened Ms Rosenberg with drinking from a bottle and allegedly injured her left ear.

Samer was sentenced to a 12-month community corrections warrant and fined $ 1,500 – $ 1,000 for the attack and $ 500 for intimidation – in Waverley District Court.

He was also subject to a two-year arrest order issued by the police to protect Ms Rosenberg.

Ms Rosenberg later made a statement accusing Samer of assaulting her at Bondi’s unit and was due to testify against him in local Waverley court in July.

It was alleged that Samer indecently assaulted Ms Rosenberg while she was incapacitated due to medication by taking her hand and stroking her genitals.

Samer had pleaded guilty to aggravating sexual touching without consent and sexual touching without consent.

The “aggravating” factor in one of the charges related to Samer was Ms Rosenberg’s caregiver. She suffered from cognitive and physical disabilities and had a history of drug addiction.