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Richard Ellsworth

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An Arizona man recorded a video of himself brutally beating his wife in front of their special needs son, who asked him to stop, authorities said.

Incident Details

Richard Ellsworth, 51, of Cordes Lakes, is charged with kidnapping, s*xual assault and attempted first-degree murder for allegedly beating his wife so hard in October that a witness said his disfigured face did not. he didn’t “look human.” The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday.

“The victim was discovered in this state by the owner and his son-in-law,” said the parliamentarians in a statement. “They came from Phoenix to collect back rent.”

The owner informed Ellsworth that his wife needed medical attention and asked her to say no and take care of his business. The couple then called emergency health services, authorities said.

MPs discovered that Ellsworth’s 18-year-old son, who had special needs, was loading a car for a trip with his father. Ellsworth’s wife was found at home with serious injuries to her arms and face and wearing knee-high stockings, sheriff’s officials said.

“At the time, Richard claimed that his wife had returned home in this condition, suggesting that the injuries were caused by his ‘boyfriend’, who said he was having an affair,” the MPs said.

Ellsworth, who was originally arrested for domestic violence, was later seen on cell phone videos made by him and his son describing “horrific attacks” on his wife, including repeated slapping and kicking. on her body with steel-toed boots. His son asked him to stop, authorities said.

Other videos made by Ellsworth also showed him beating her wife for several hours and threatening to kill her, along with the couple’s son.

“There is a history of domestic violence in the marriage and, in line with previous domestic violence, the victim shared several stories about how he suffered his injuries and was reluctant to help the police,” said the MPs.

Neighbors told investigators that Ellsworth regularly fought with her wife, sometimes yelling and assaulting her, authorities said

Investigators met with Ellsworth’s wife at a hospital on October 6, where she was being treated for injuries that included multiple facial fractures, traumatic brain injuries and multiple broken ribs.

Authorities say they have delayed the announcement of the arrest of Ellsworth, who is being held before trial, to carry out a full investigation of the case. He is also accused of s*xually assaulting his wife and child.

“We are now releasing this information to show that these horrific acts can have dire consequences and to educate victims of domestic violence about the need to step forward and stop the abuse before it reaches this level,” said the sheriff. . Official.

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