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Who is Ridouan Taghi Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Arrested, Netherlands Most Wanted Criminal and More Facts

Ridouan Taghi

Ridouan Taghi Biography

Ridouan Taghi, the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands, was arrested on Monday by local police in Dubai.
He is particularly suspected of having ordered various penal establishments in the criminal environment and has been fleeing the Dutch police for years.

Ridouan Taghi Age

Taghi is 41 years old.

Ridouan Taghi Criminal Network

Taghi was one of the main members of a criminal network that dealt mainly with the cocaine trade. According to Dutch police on Twitter, he is suspected of having been implicated and has ordered several murders.
He was arrested on Monday in Dubai. The prosecutor had promised a reward of € 100,000 for the information that would lead him to his location and is now requesting his extradition to the Netherlands, reports VRT.

The Dutch Minister of Justice congratulated the police and the prosecutor on Twitter.

Ridouan Taghi Arrested

Dutch police say the arrest was the result of “intensive cooperation” with the Dubai police. The Netherlands does not have an extradition agreement with Dubai, but according to Fred Westerbeke, the attorney general, who does not have to obstruct rapid extradition, says NOS.

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