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Who is Riz Behi ( Sydney chiropractor accused of s*xually assaulting Japanese tourist ) Wiki, Bio, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Riz Behi

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A half-sleeping Japanese woman was surprised to find herself s*xually assaulted by a chiropractor during a massage in Sydney, a jury said.

The woman was being treated for back and groin pain when Riz Behi told her to take off her underwear and began massaging her legs, groin and buttocks, New South Wales district court learned Monday.

Stunned by a poor sleep, the woman remembered feeling one of Behi’s fingers enter her.

“I felt it, I was shocked and my body jumped back,” said the Darlinghurst jury wife through an interpreter.

“I didn’t want to have that kind of experience, but I didn’t know what to say to Behi.”

Riz pleaded guilty

Riz Behi, 45, pleaded not guilty to five cases of aggravated s*xual assault and eight cases of aggravated sexual contact, and his lawyer suggested that the incidents never occurred during ten consultations from January to April 2019.

The woman said the February 7 attack lasted a second or less.

He couldn’t remember what happened next during the consultation, but he did remember wondering what was going on over and over again.

The woman burst into tears as she explained that the treatment outside of her genitals made her feel better and began to believe that she shouldn’t have doubted “a doctor” and his care.

He said he was “surprised” at the start of an earlier consultation when Riz Behi pointed out that it was “necessary for my treatment” to remove my clothes and underwear.

But her friend, who was paying for the chiropractor’s visits, responded to her concern by asking why she didn’t trust Behi.

“As I understand it, (he said) something like, ‘Behi is a doctor and has good reviews, why don’t you trust him?'” He said.

Crown claims Behi’s attacks included episodes of digital penetration and oral s*x.

The lawsuit enabled the woman to communicate primarily with Behi and her friend using Google Translate.

“In Japan, removing the pants was never done for massage purposes, it absolutely never happened,” the woman said.

“But in Australia I thought it was customary to take off my underwear for treatment, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

The chiropractor agrees that none of the touches claimed by the woman constitute adequate chiropractic treatment.

The jury was told that a live question would be why the woman would come back for treatment if these “terrible things” happened.

“No one in the circumstances described by the Crown would dare to tolerate this type of treatment,” Behi’s attorney William Brewer told the jury.

Brewer says his client has never received a personal or professional complaint against him in 18 years of practice.

The process will continue on Tuesday.