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Who was Robert Coltrain (Body of missing rapper found in trunk of friend’s car ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Investigations and More Facts

Robert Coltrain

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The body of an aspiring rapper Robert Coltrain who went missing earlier this month was found in the trunk of his friend’s car after it crashed on a Florida freeway, authorities said Monday.

Robert Coltrain Age

State Highway Patrol agents discovered the remains of 25-year-old Brian Trotter after smelling a “bad smell” and seeing flies in an Acura that crashed in suburban Miami on Sunday afternoon. The Miami Herald reported.

The driver, Robert Avery Coltrain, an old friend of the young musician, was charged with second degree murder and the illegal transportation of human remains.

“Kent Won’t Stop”

Trotter, nicknamed “Kent Won’t Stop” in hip-hop, went missing in Triangle, Virginia. On October 17th, Coltrain picked him up from his house where he lived with his father.

The two friends said they would “take pictures” in Washington, DC, about 30 miles away, said Trotter’s father, also known as Brian Trotter.

“I said ‘I love you’ and he said ‘I love you'”, the father remembered the Herald.

When the young Trotter never returned home, the family filed a missing person report and called Coltrain.

Trotter’s father said he made conflicting statements, including that he dropped his friend in Washington and picked him up from another friend.

When the family was desperately looking for their loved one, Coltrain apparently traveled to Florida and crashed on the rain-soaked Palmetto Freeway, the newspaper reported.

In the car, officials said they discovered a Glock .45 pistol intended to be used to kill Trotter.

“wrapped in a piece of cloth and in an advanced state of decomposition”

They found Trotter’s body “wrapped in a piece of cloth and in an advanced state of decomposition,” according to a police report.

Coltrain, 25, was detained in a Miami Dade prison Monday afternoon.

Detectives are still trying to pinpoint the motive for the murder.

“Nobody can understand what happened,” Trotter’s father told the Herald. “I hope the police can shed some light on why a friend over 10 years decided to do this.”

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