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Who is Robert F. Kennedy ( BANNED from Instagram for repeatedly sharing false claims about COVID-19 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Facebook, Information and More Facts

Robert F. Kennedy

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  • Robert F. Kennedy . is a major anti-Vaxxer with his Children’s Health Advocacy group
  • Facebook, which owns Instagram, said Kennedy was banned “for repeatedly sharing denied claims about the coronavirus or vaccines.”
  • JFK’s 67-year-old grandson insists that he is not against all vaccines, but he wants an open discussion about them and that parents can choose
  • Still, several prominent members of his family have publicly criticized his position on vaccines as dangerous.
  • Some free speech advocates have warned that Facebook and other tech giants will essentially become “thought cops” and stifle debate on the issues.

Robert F. Kennedy was banned from Instagram for alleging repeated misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

The son of former United States Attorney General, US Senator and Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is a well-known vaccine skeptic who founded his own advocacy group Children’s Health Defense in 2016.

A spokesperson for Instagram, which owns Facebook, confirmed that the 67-year-old grandson was kicked out of JFK “for repeatedly sharing denied claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” CNN reported.

The spokesperson told CNN that there are currently no plans to remove Kennedy’s Facebook page, which is still active.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it was removing posts that were believed to be “misinformation” about the vaccine. This has been welcomed by some, and others have described it as a censorship of the discussion on an important topic.

The company said the rules will apply to Facebook and Instagram.

Kennedy, a longtime Democrat, has campaigned for Congress to make it possible for parents who don’t want to exempt their children from government mandates.

His organization claims not to oppose vaccines, but rather to question their safety.

A recent article titled “Vaccine Mandates: An Erosion of Civil Rights?”

World Mercury Project

The group, originally known as the World Mercury Project, promotes generally unacceptable claims by medical experts that mercury in vaccines can cause autism.

During a public event in February 2017, Kennedy claimed that the vaccines “caused an epidemic of autism.”

At the Washington, DC event, Kennedy and actor Robert De Niro offered $ 100,000 to anyone who could prove the vaccines were safe.

More recently, Children’s Health Defense has pledged to promote the “Big Reset” conspiracy theory that “global elites,” including Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, will use the pandemic to advance their interests and experts in health is considered extravagant and wrong.

Conspiracy Theory

Kennedy’s group posted the conspiracy theory on their social media channels, warning that people, including Gates, are trying to pursue a globalist Marxist conspiracy to destroy American sovereignty and the personal freedoms of American citizens.

Dorit Reiss, a law professor at the University of California, said Kennedy’s famous name and connections give him a platform, and an air of legitimacy, that other members of the anti-vaccine movement don’t appreciate.

“The anti-vaccine movement prides itself on its authority, but it also desperately needs legitimacy,” Reiss told The Globe and Mail late last year. “Robert Kennedy gives you both.

In December 2020, Kennedy’s niece, who was treating coronavirus patients in New York at the height of the pandemic, called her uncle for spreading “misinformation.”

In a New York Times editorial, Kerry Kennedy Meltzer, 29, wrote that she loved her uncle Robert F. Kennedy Jr. but “is wrong when it comes to vaccines.”

“If you are offered a Covid vaccine, I urge you to take it,” she said. “Do it for yourself, your family and your friends. Do it for your country.

Members of her own family have already opposed her views, including his siblings, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Massachusetts Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II and Maeve Kennedy McKean.

In 2019, they released a statement saying that his brother was “tragically wrong” about vaccines.

“He has helped spread dangerous misinformation on social media and is complicit in raising suspicions about the science behind vaccines,” they said amid a spate of measles cases during this period.

Meanwhile, the Kennedy Children’s Health Defense Fund has recovered.

Last year, he filed a lawsuit against Facebook and three companies that verified the facts, claiming they censored the posts, misrepresented and defamed the group.

Kennedy insisted he was not against vaccines, saying he was in favor of “safe” vaccines and his children had been vaccinated.

Kennedy is just the latest high-profile figure to be blocked by social media sites on allegations the sites have identified as bogus.

After the siege of the Capitol on January 6, then President Donald Trump was banned from virtually all social media, including Facebook, for inciting rioters.

The allegations are the subject of the second impeachment trial against Trump, which began yesterday.

The company’s MyPillow Twitter account received a permanent Twitter ban after CEO Mike Lindell tweeted it to circumvent his personal account ban for making false claims that Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

The coronavirus pandemic and US elections have put pressure on social media sites in some corners to take action against those who provide false information.