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Who is Robert Stahlnecker? Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Arrested and Many More Facts to Know

Robert Stahlnecker

Robert Stahlnecker Wiki Bio

A southern California man, Robert Stahlnecker was arrested on suspicion of making more than 10,000 harassing phone calls to government agencies, including death threats against responders.

Robert Stahlnecker Age

He is 48 years old.

Robert Stahlnecker Arrested

Robert Stahlnecker, 48, was arrested Friday at his home in the Mojave Twentynine Palms town and taken to federal security after a first court visit, the US Attorney’s Office said. He has been accused of threatening federal officials and employees with conducting interstate communications with threats of anonymity violation and harassment of telecommunications. There is no list of his home phone number and it could not be determined immediately if he had a lawyer. His indictment was scheduled for 26 December. According to a 20-page complaint filed in federal court, three phone calls were forwarded to the San Mateo MP’s office on August 28, within five minutes. Prosecutors said he threatened to go to the office and kill the employee who answered the call.

On Sept. 28, he reportedly made eight calls in seven minutes to the office of a US Senator from Ohio, Washington. During phone calls, prosecutors said he used vulgar language to insult a trainee and threaten him with answering the phone.

Prosecutor Office

According to the prosecutor’s office, Stahlnecker has made over 10,000 calls to government agencies and elected officials since January. According to the prosecutor, the Capitol Police have been investigating Stahlnecker’s harassing and threatening calls for at least 10 years. According to the affidavit, he was found guilty of harassment in New Jersey and terrorist threats in Pennsylvania.

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