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Who is Roberto Ramírez ( Man, 18, admits torturing and killing his boyfriend ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Victim, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Roberto Ramírez

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An 18-year-old Roberto Ramírez revealed on video how he tortured his friend Kevin Aburto to death after discovering cell phone footage showing the man sexually assaulting the teenager’s younger sibling in Peru last year.

Roberto Ramírez Arrested

Roberto Ramírez was arrested Tuesday by the Peruvian National Police after almost five months of non-stop searching for 28-year-old Kevin Aburto, who was reported missing by his family after failing to come home on December 27, 2020.

During a taped confession on Peruvian television broadcaster América TV, Ramírez told homicide detectors that he and Aburto were drinking alcoholic beverages at the suspect’s home the night he was last seen and asking if he could borrow his cell phone.

While searching the device, Ramírez said he discovered several videos of Aburto caressing his 15-year-old brother in a neighborhood passage in the Lima district of Lurín.

“I was in a lot of anger and anger and asked him for money so he wouldn’t touch him,” said Ramírez. “But before that I tied him to a chair with a chain and rope so that he couldn’t move.”

Ramírez then choked Aburto and stabbed him with a sharp weapon.

With the alleged help of his mother, Laydy Caycho Zambrano, 39, Venezuelan national Manuel José Navarro, and a 16-year-old boy, Ramírez Aburto’s body lifted a hill near his home and set it on fire before burying his remains.

It is not known if Aburto was still alive when his ex-partner set his body on fire.

After confessing to the crime, Ramírez led the murder investigators to the tomb, where the police dogs could locate Aburto’s crumbling corpse.

Authorities also recovered the rope Aburto was tied up with and the jewelry he was wearing on the day of the murder. Navarro was in possession of Aburto’s cell phone.

‘They are human remains. Everything is still under investigation, ”said a police spokesman.

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