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Roberts Buncis

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This is the first photo of a 12-year-old student found dead in a quiet town.

Roberts Buncis body was discovered on a shared base in Fishtoft, Lincs on Saturday morning. A 14-year-old boy was charged with murder.

The young man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared on Monday for a five-minute hearing at Lincoln Magistrates Court.

In a gray sweater and with a bandage on his right hand, the teenager spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth.

He was ordered to appear at Lincoln Crown Court later.

A 19-year-old man arrested on Roberts’ death remains in custody.

Tragic Roberts was turning 13 today.

A JustGiving donation page for a colleague’s funeral has already raised nearly £ 10,000.

Roberts comes from a single family and was raised by his father Edgars, according to the fundraising page.

Matthew Van Lier Said ?

Principal Matthew Van Lier told Sun Online it was an “incredibly sad day” for his school, Haven High.

He said: “We were told yesterday that a member of our academy had been taken away from his family and friends long before his time.

“To make matters worse, he would have celebrated his thirteenth birthday today.

“He was a popular young man destined for a life of joy, happiness and success, and today we must try to remember him that way.

“Words cannot describe the common sadness we all feel today because one of our students’ dreams and hopes will never come true.

“But we will never allow the foolish actions of a few to overshadow the successful lives of the many.

“This news is contrary to belief. We still expect him to run around with his friends, laughing and joking, planning how to escape without finishing his home education and trying to remember which lesson he called next visit.”

As many have said, we lack words. We all have the question “why”, what emotions can lead another to take the good life of a child in the prime of life. We ask ourselves the same question “why” again.

“Unfortunately we have no answers, only sadness.”

“Put yourself in the shoes of the mother who has just lost her child and think of the respect she deserves by speaking words on social media.

“Make these words uplifting and uplifting, create images of joy and laughter, not pain and sadness.

“Remember, Winston Churchill told us,” We live on what we get, but we live on what we give. ”

“Today we return the memory of our lost friend.”

The JustGiving page states, “As most of us now know, Roberts Buncis’ life was tragically torn from his family and friends on Saturday December 12 when he was 12.

“Roberts comes from a single family, just Roberts and his father Edgars. That’s why we want to help with the funeral expenses and also make this time easier for her family. Money is still good for everyone at this time of year. ‘Year.

“Anything that can be donated would be very grateful, even if it were only a few pounds. Thank you and God bless you all.”

His murder rocked the city when police opened an investigation.

Heartbroken friends and locals paid tribute to the young man on social media.

Family friend, Tatjana Vainiuniene, wrote: “Another innocent child lost. I can’t believe you left so young.

“You were such a nice guy and you put a big smile on people’s faces.

“I can’t believe the pain your family is going through. This news came so devastating and so quickly.

“The pain his family and close friends are going through is incredible. Many people miss it.”

One woman wrote: “So tragic, shocking and sad. My heart goes out to all the families and loved ones who have been affected.”

Another wrote: “What sad news, we are truly broken for the family and for all those who have our condolences.”

A spokesman for the Lincolnshire police said: “After official identification, we can now name the boy who lost his life in this tragic accident, Roberts Buncis, 12.