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Three in five teens charged with killing Roger Chang, Roger Chang Biography, Wikipedia, Accused in Murder, Murder and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Roger Chang

Roger Chang Short Biography  Wiki

Roger Chang, Police said yesterday that they had charged five people, including three teenagers, in the murder of businessman Roger Chang.

Roger Chang Accused

Two of the three teenagers are 16 and the other 17. They are all from Anfield to St. Mary’s.

Police called others accused of being Hadesh Mackenzie, 23, in Kingston, 11, and mechanic Sebert Duggan, 60, who also lives in Anfield.

Roger Chang Murder

“They have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, possession of criminal property and profit from criminal property,” said police.

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Police said Mackenzie and one of the 16-year-olds were also charged with simple theft and unauthorized access to computer data.

Roger Chang Body Found on March 15

Chang’s body was discovered on March 15 with stab wounds along the St. Mary’s coastline.

Jamaican businessman and father Natasha Chang is said to have left his home on the way to the Portland Falls on Saturday March 14 and is said to be in the company of Mackenzie, otherwise known as DD.
The next day, when he did not return home, his daughter published a statement on social media to help him find him.

“He didn’t go home; his business is at his house and we have not received a response from him for more than 24 hours, ”she wrote.

A few hours later, this request turned to despair when she said to her supporters, “The body of a Chinese man was discovered in Portland. I’m in tatters. “

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