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Rowan Thompson

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  • Rowan Thompson was visiting her mother Joanna when he assaulted her at home
  • Thompson strangled and brutally stabbed her 118 times
  • On July 1 last year, he called the emergency health services to tell the police they had to arrest him.
  • Thompson was later found dead while being held in a mental health facility.

The private gender high school student strangled her mother and stabbed her 118 times before making a creepy 999 call asking the police to “bring body bags” made today.

Incident Details

Rowan Thompson was visiting her mother, Joanna Thompson, and the couple had just returned for a morning run when the 17-year-old attacked them at their village home.

Ms. Thompson, 50, was unconsciously strangled by Thompson in her living room and “10 or 15 minutes later” returned to brutally stab her 38 times in the forehead, 64 times in the neck and 16 times in the arm.

At 12:45 pm on July 1 last year, Rowan Thompson called 999 “calm, emotionless and perfectly normal” and said, “I just killed my mother ” I strangled and stabbed her with several knives. Why not’.

The officer who arrested Rowan Thompson at the Hambledon, Hampshire home said the teenager was “extremely calm and composed” and “seemed to be more concerned about his cat.”

In October, Thompson was found dead, aged 18, held in a protected mental health facility just four days before being tried for his mother’s murder.

An investigation into speech therapist Thompson’s death today learned that Thompson was visiting her over the weekend after she recently moved with her father, a wizard, to Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Thompson and his mother had “stressful” conversations about their living conditions the night before they died, and felt that she was “in control and domination”.

Thompson, who became asexual and changed his name to Ben, had previously been admitted to psychiatric hospitals after attempting suicide and suffered from episodes of depression.

He told police he felt “weird” when he came back from jogging with his mother, that he was on “autopilot” and “doesn’t remember anything” until he got there. Police Station.

A clip was released today of his shocking 999 call to Winchester’s Coroner’s Court Police Station, saying he “made sure” his mother wasn’t breathing.

Thompson said, “I just killed my mother. I need someone to stop me because you do and an ambulance would be nice.

I strangled and stabbed her with various knives and things. My younger brother is in school, will be back later tonight.

He added: “He’s not breathing … bring a body bag or whatever you’re doing. I’m 99.9% sure he’s not breathing.

“I started strangling her, she fell to the ground. I choked her again and stopped … then I hugged her.

“Then I started stabbing her and everything … She’s in the living room.”

He happily added: “I’ll go out, eat and go to the movies with my best friends over the weekend, which was really great.”

He also told Operator 999 that “he put the knives in the dishwasher just in case” and after being arrested for murder he told police: “I think so.” a little more than suspicious.

What Sophie Rugge-Price Said ?

Ms. Thompson’s sister Sophie Rugge-Price said Thompson moved to Barnsley to join her magical father, Marc Thompson, to help her with her mental health.

She said: “Rowan has been showing signs of depression and suicidal tendencies in recent years and had to be hospitalized.

“It was difficult for her, she saw consultants. He changed his name and gender.

He added: “He was never hostile to her, but he talked about being in eggshells around him, he went crazy about things and she was never sure what was wrong with him. he would get angry.

However, he said his sister made “somewhat odd comments” in the weeks leading up to her death.

She said, “Jo told me if something happened to her, what should she do with her son? I didn’t ask, I would have liked to have it.

Ms. Rugge-Price also said: “When [the police] said that Rowan was in custody, I was shocked and very saddened by Rowan. It was completely out of my imagination. ‘

Sarah Ritchie, Ms. Thompson’s friend, accompanied the couple the morning of her death, saying Thompson was “calm” and added that no decision had been made to return to Barnsley. or stay in Hambledon.

She said Thompson attempted suicide in 2017 following the suicide of Ms. Thompson’s brother.

Pathologist Dr. Basil Purdue said that Ms. Thompson broke her neck and that 14 of her neck injuries caused “heavy bleeding” when they struck her carotid artery.

She concluded that her heart was still beating even though she had passed out when Thompson stabbed her 118 times.

Dr. John Sandford, a psychiatrist, said Thompson had mild autism, but “there was no suggestion that she suffered from abnormal mental function” when she killed her mother.