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Roy Charles Waller

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A serial rapist from Northern California, whose crimes have gone unnoticed for nearly three decades, was sentenced on Friday to 897 years in prison, the maximum legal limit

Roy Charles Waller, 60, nicknamed “NorCal rapist,” showed no emotion and sat with his eyes closed behind thick glasses as sentences were imposed, The Sacramento Bee reported. He refused to go to the victims or to court.

A Sacramento jury found Waller guilty of raping nine women in her home in six counties between 1991 and 2006. Investigators used DNA technology and genealogy websites to target Waller and arrested him more than two years ago.

Supreme Court Justice James Arguelles accepted the prosecution’s request that Waller receive the maximum sentence, saying he posed “a serious threat to society” and made “manifestly false statements” during the trial.

Waller’s defense attorney Joseph Farina said in court that Waller maintained his innocence and will appeal the conviction. “Unfortunately the DNA was too big, we couldn’t get over it,” said Farina.

All nine victims testified during the month-long trial, as did retired sexual assault detectives and forensic nurses, some of whom traveled out of the state to testify.

Victims Feelings

The victims described years of their lives that were marked by nightmares and terror, feelings of hatred and disgust. One of the two roommates Natomas raped in 2006 said the day Waller’s arrest was the first time she showered fearlessly.

“All because I was very afraid that Mr. Waller would return to my home,” he said.

Prosecutors described Waller as a shrewd and organized criminal who pursued potential victims. Investigators found ziplock bags with tape, zippers, handcuffs and other items that were used in the attacks in Waller’s two lockers.

Waller testified that the police found these items because they were collecting rare items. Failing to explain how his DNA and blood ended up in many crime scenes, he claimed he was not a DNA expert.

Sacramento County prosecutors Chris Ore and Keith Hill said in a statement that in 2006 six different cases of DNA evidence were linked to the same suspect, but they were unable to identify Waller because his DNA wasn’t in the criminal database. of the state.

In 2018, biological evidence left on the crime scene was used to create a special DNA profile that led investigators to a list of possible relatives of the suspect.

Waller, who lived in the city of Benicia, San Francisco Bay Area, was arrested at the University of California at Berkeley, where he worked for 25 years as a security specialist in the office of Environment, Health and Safety.

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