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Royal Sussex hospital a man was arrested on attempted murder, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations, Victim and More Facts

Royal Sussex hospital

Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton Incident

Royal Sussex hospital, a man was arrested on attempted murder after an NHS worker was stabbed inside a hospital.

Attacker Age

He is 30 years old.

Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton

The attacker, 30, allegedly stabbed a 56-year-old janitor on the 11th floor of Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton around 8.40am.

Witnesses said nearly 30 armed police arrived at the scene around 9 a.m. as they searched for the suspected man with the knife.

A suspect was arrested nearby an hour later when the site and nearby businesses were shut down.

Sussex Police said

Sussex Police said the injuries sustained by the team member were not fatal.

Pedro Santos tweeted: “ Only a few fully armed police officers entered the room to check if someone was there, they must do a security search. ”

Dan Dawson wrote: ‘Disgusting to think they worked so hard against the virus to be attacked. Reflections with and with the family.

Sean Maclead, Lib Dem councilor in the Lewes district, said

Sean Maclead, Lib Dem councilor in the Lewes district, said: “ My wife works at the Sussex County hospital. They were the absolute heroes of the whole team during this crisis.

“ For someone, going to the hospital and stabbing a team member is scary. Thoughts and prayers accompany the victim.

Hove’s deputy Peter Kyle said: ‘Shocking news from our hospital. We still don’t know why a member of the team was stabbed, but I am grateful to @BtonHovePolice for a speedy attempted murder arrest.

“ Everyone affected by this is on my mind, especially the victim I want for a speedy recovery. ”

Sussex police said: “At 8:42 am on Sunday July 19, police were called to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton after learning that a staff member had been stabbed.

“ The hospital site was quickly secured as officials worked with the security team to confirm that no one else was injured and that staff and patients are safe.

Police investigations

Following immediate and police investigations, a 30-year-old man was arrested on Wilson Avenue at 9:40 a.m. on suspicion of attempted murder, and is currently detained for interviews and other inquiries.

“This seemingly isolated and unexplained incident is currently not treated as terrorism and there is currently no evidence that anyone else was involved or that someone is in danger.”

Hospitals at the University of Brighton and Sussex said: ‘An incident occurred at Royal Sussex County Hospital this morning when a member of staff was injured.

“The team member is in a safe and stable condition and is being treated at the hospital.

“Police and hospital security personnel have secured the location and the public is currently not allowed to enter the hospital during a search of the facility.

“The police arrested a person in connection with the incident. Further updates will follow.