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Why 100 year old woman celebrates birthday by being arrested, taken to Jail? Ruth Bryant Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday Celebration, Family, In prison and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

ruth bryant

Ruth Bryant Short Biography – Wiki

Ruth Bryant celebrated her 100th birthday in an unusual way: she was arrested and taken to prison.

Ruth Bryant- Age

She is 100 years old.

Ruth Bryant- Church service visit

Friends and family who had gathered to celebrate had no idea that the tradition of the birthday cake would be delayed slightly when MPs arrived and were accused of improperly exposing them to Roxboro fires during a recent church service visit.

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Ruth Bryant- Handcuffed to prison

Bryant was at the gag, including charges against her.

She had never been arrested, but in honor of her 100th birthday, she checked one item on the list: handcuffed to prison.