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Ryan Fraser

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A criminal was sentenced to six years and five months in prison for dragging a mother out of her car and taking her and her three screaming children in the back seat.

The woman’s daughters, ages four, five, and seven, screamed in fear when cocaine addict Ryan Fraser, 27, escaped in a black Ford Kuga.

Fraser saw the 40-year-old get out of her car at 9 a.m. outside a hair salon in Armley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Saturday 3rd October.

He yanked her away from the engine, yelled in her face, and knocked her to the ground on the sidewalk.

Babies cried in the back of the car as they tugged at his ankles.

Somehow the brave mom got up and tried to prevent the car from moving forward by holding on to the driver’s door as long as possible.

Fraser “drove irregularly and repeatedly told children to be quiet,” Leeds Crown Court heard.

Accomplice Andrew Hall in the passenger seat begged Fraser to stop and let the children out.

The girls stayed a few hundred yards around the corner from a house.

An hour later, Fraser, his ex Nicole Swaine, and another friend, Rachel Barrow, left the car and set it on fire.

DA Kitty Colley said ?

About Mom’s ordeal, DA Kitty Colley said: “In those minutes I had no idea what happened to your children or what was going to happen to them.”

The woman was still suffering from back pain from the attack and feared that she would never fully recover.

This worries her because she plans to raise her three young children in foster care, she added in her personal statement.

She said the kids were having trouble sleeping now, and the four-year-old told her, “I can’t get these bad boys out of my head.”

She said she was afraid of going anywhere alone, always looking over her shoulder and planning where to park.

Fraser admitted he committed a robbery, three kidnappings, and arson on October 3 last year.

Hall, 34, of Rothwell, Leeds, was jailed for five years and six months after pleading guilty to robbery.

The daughters, also Rothwell’s, admitted to being set on fire.

Swaine, 23, was sentenced to six months suspended prison sentence.

Barrow, also known as her ex-partner Woolams, 29, was sentenced to three months suspended prison sentence.

Detective Sergeant Naeem Khan of the Leeds District Crime Squad said, “It was a shocking event. It must have been very painful for the victim to see her three young children separated. I can only imagine how scared and worried I was. Wellness “.