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Ryanair jet smashing into the ground in France, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Victims and More Facts

Ryanair jet

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A Ryanair jet approaching Bergerac airport in bad weather flew very low for more than two minutes and was ordered to “stop” by an automated security system.

Ryanair jet was traveling between London Stansted and Bergerac, France

The plane, which was traveling between London Stansted and Bergerac, France, issued several altitude warnings as it approached the airport – which included critical “ traction ” instructions when the plane was only 842 feet above the ground, 13 km from the airport. Track.

Just before the “pull up” alert sounded, the crew received a “terrain” warning that warned them that they were flying too low.

At that time, the co-pilot, who piloted the aircraft, made a curve in large clouds and had “no visual reference”.


The 27-year-old first officer took a “pointless approach”, although the crew chose to use an automated system to regulate the descent of their aircraft.

The co-pilot, who had only 400 hours of experience, had never performed a precision approach – allowing the pilot to follow a predetermined course up to a minimum altitude. Pilots may not descend below this minimum altitude, unless they can see the runway.

The 57-year-old captain was unaware that his colleague had never taken an improper approach.

Investigation by the French aviation regulator BEA

An investigation by the French aviation regulator BEA revealed that it was likely that the co-pilot and the captain lost consciousness during the approach.

The researchers found that the preparation for the landing attempt was “insufficiently precise and complete”.

He said that the captain should have told his co-pilot to use the most accurate satellite navigation equipment during the approach.

Due to the conditions, BEA found that the pilots were forced to change the landing mode on the flight management computer as soon as they started to approach.

This change led to a misunderstanding between the co-pilot and the captain on the mode to be used.

After the withdrawal warning, the crew aborted their approach and increased the altitude to 4,000 feet before landing safely 20 minutes later.

Without corrective action, the aircraft would have touched the ground several kilometers from the runway in 40 seconds.

According to BEA, some of the airport’s navigation aids, which help pilots in bad weather, were not operational that day.

According to the report, due to technology dependence, “pilots can no longer be sufficiently trained to perform non-precision approaches using only conventional equipment and instruments”.

Regulator said

The regulator said that Ryanair had changed its operating procedures since the incident because “they consider that there was an additional risk associated with this type of approach and consider that their operational objectives can be achieved without the teams don’t have to resort to it. “