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Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen accused of Crashing Rally in Washington, Wiki, Bio, details and Facts

Sacha Baron Cohen

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Social media was buzzing on Saturday night with gossip that Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen made a surprise appearance at a conservative rally in downtown Olympia earlier today.


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“March for Our Rights 3”

The demonstration, heralded as “March for Our Rights 3”, was held at Heritage Park for most of the afternoon. About 500 people attended the rally, according to soldiers from the Washington State patrol there.

Videos on Twitter seem to show a man in a suit, similar to something that Cohen could use, singing a satirical song that mocked political beliefs.

Yelm’s councilor James Blair

Yelm’s councilor James Blair believes he was the actor, according to his own Facebook article. This message has been deleted.

Sacha Baron Cohen

“Sacha Baron Cohen fired an (explanatory) shot during the March For Our Rights 3 event,” Blair said in his post.

“He took the stage disguised as the lead singer of the last group, singing a band of racist, hateful and disgusting (explosive) songs,” writes Blair. “His security prevented the event organizers from knocking him off the stage or cutting off the generator. After the crowd understood what he was saying and turned against him, his security rushed to the scene and evacuated them to a private ambulance that was hired. to serve as a means of transportation. ”

Blair could not be reached by email on Saturday night.

Cohen is known recently for a cable TV show called “Who’s America?”

Cohen is known recently for a cable TV show called “Who’s America?” This program, like Cohen’s much humor, attracts innocent public figures in delicate situations. On the big screen, he is known for his characters “Borat” and “Bruno”.

Despite rumors that Cohen was showing up, others attended the rally for more serious reasons, like Alan Swinney, from central Texas, who insisted on attending such rallies.

He also had a “proud boy” tattooed on one arm.

“I took an oath to the Constitution,” he said, “and people’s constitutional rights are violated at conservative rallies. I just guarantee that it doesn’t.”

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