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Who was Saeideh Aletaha ( Female kickboxer, 26, died in MMA fight ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Saeideh Aletaha

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The family of a kickboxer who died after being knocked out in a brawl earlier today expressed concern during the investigation that he was no match for a “much bigger” competitor.

Saeideh Aletaha “skinny” opponent, Janie Morgan, was “much stronger” and “more muscular,” says the late amateur fighter’s family.

Saeideh Aletaha, 26, collapsed in a bathroom after receiving a blow to the head during the third round of her fight with the heaviest 34-year-old personal trainer Ms. Morgan at the event presentation.

She was admitted to Southampton General Hospital in Hants but tragically died on November 16, 2019, the day after the Fast and Furious Fight Series competition in the city.

Ms. Morgan, who was absent from today’s investigation, said in a statement that she and Aletaha kissed while chatting after the fight and that they were “shocked” when their opponent later died.

“We both agreed it was a good fight, she said thank you and well done,” she said. “I also apologized … It’s a full contact sport, but I don’t want to seriously hurt anyone.”

Ms. Aletaha, a graduate of Loughborough University, born into a religious family and educated in Iran, wanted to show people that a “Muslim lady” can play extreme sports even if she is wearing a hijab.

The product designer’s family today announced their “devastation” for being so far from home as they begin their investigation at Hants’ Winchester Coroner’s Court.

Her siblings Amir and Ali attended the hearing remotely and expressed concern about a possible delay.

They even asked Ms. Morgan to take the personal examination to “evaluate” her body, but coroner Christopher Wilkinson rejected the request because it was “of little use” as the fight lasted nearly two years.

What Saeideh Aletaha Family Said?

In a statement, Saeideh Aletaha family said, “In her favorite sport of hers, Saeideh always sent her picture with her opponent before every game.

“However, we noticed that in her last game she cut out the photo of her opponent and only sent her.

Now we think that if she had shared her opponent’s photo, Amir would certainly have commented on their physical differences and the fact that her opponent looked bigger and more muscular.

“The night before the game, she told her sister Sepideh that she was stressed out, but she never agreed.”

Organizer Richard Harding, who runs a Thai boxing school, rejects any suggestion of a discrepancy.

He said Ms. Aletaha had more experience than Ms. Morgan “on paper”, she had four years of experience and two wins and one defeat in Thai boxing and weighed 54 kg.

Ms. Aletaha was a “movement based” fighter who used speed in her fights and also had previous experience in an unarmed form of karate which Mr. Harding described as the “heavier” form.

Ms. Morgan, a personal trainer who started learning martial arts in her thirties, also had four years of combat experience.

She had a win and a loss and was equal in weight, Harding said.

Ms. Morgan has been described as a power-assisted bully trying to “hit Ms. Aletaha hard”.

Mr. Harding told investigations that Ms. Aletaha was “thinner” and said of Ms. Morgan: “She is wider, she has broader shoulders.”

“You can see the muscles visibly.

“Saeideh had a slightly higher rank. ”

Amir Aletaha asked Mr. Harding about Ms. Morgan’s physique, referring to a promotional photo in which he claimed it indicated a discrepancy.

He said, “From what we have seen and what people who have seen the fight have said, it is very clear that [Ms. Morgan] is much stronger.

“Her physical structure cannot change for a week or two, even if she loses weight [to reach the 54 kg category].

“When you show someone the photo, they will say that the other opponent is much bigger and has a much bigger frame.”

But Mr. Harding said, “What you would say is very heavy… Saeideh’s body weight was much more evenly distributed over his body.

He said his events, which he had been running for a decade, followed strict security guidelines and began with a matchmaking process four months before the event.

He said: “I was happy that they were an Au Pair.

“There were no gaps and we managed the risks before the fight.”

He added, “Our gym is a family gym, it’s hard for anyone to lose someone like that.

“We use them to put on a show and it’s the worst that can happen, but I’m absolutely sure we’ve done everything we can.”

Mr Harding admitted he was unsure of what styles Ms Aletaha had encountered before and revealed Ms Morgan had requested that the shin guards be removed for the fight, which Aletaha agreed to.

Amir Aletaha questioned why Mr Harding allowed the fight to continue without the shin guards, and the organizer said this was a common request as fighters want to reproduce professional matches.

He said two paramedics were present at the event with a private ambulance and another ambulance was called when Ms Aletaha was found critically ill.

The match between Ms Aletaha and Ms Morgan was “close” with Ms Morgan closing in on the points before the knockout. Coroner Wilkinson described it as “intense” and said they were both “tired”.

Mrs Aletaha of Salisbury, Wilts has been described by her family as “kind and energetic”.

They said, “Since her childhood she has been engaged in what she does and always strives for success by reaching 110% of her goals.

This quality enabled her to be successful in her studies and at work, and as her family appreciated a good education and a good knowledge of international life, she sought and found admission to a prestigious British university.

“He was a confident but humble person, emotional but stable, friendly, open-minded and energetic, who could win everyone’s hearts.

That’s why he was able to make so many different friends.

“I wanted to show people that a ‘Muslim lady’ is unrestrained and can work in a respectful company and play demanding sports, even if she wears the hijab and does not show her body and hair to strangers.

“We were surprised by the number of people in the UK telling us that it has influenced their lives, their careers and the way they think.

“Saeideh had a great network of friends from different cultures and classes. As friends described it, it was a breath of fresh air that brought sunshine to everyone.

“He misses his dozen friends from high school, college, work, Crossfit and clubs.

“Her commitment to work, sport, health and physical and mental fitness was admired by everyone at her home.

“It is very devastating for your family to lose you alone and far away in such a serious accident.”

The investigation is continuing.

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