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Who is Saleh Alimasi ( Winnipeg man arrested ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Saleh Alimasi

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A suspect wanted in a 2019 gang-related shooting has been returned to Winnipeg after his stay in Montreal, Que.

Police said a group encountered a man behind 200 blocks on Portage Avenue on September 12, 2019.

The man was shot dead and a bullet hit the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) headquarters and a cadet barely made it out of the building.

The victim went to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. He was then charged with gun crimes after discovering he had hidden a gun near the scene of the shooting before going to hospital.

The Winnipeg Major Crime Unit continued its investigation until March 28, 2021, when a suspect was arrested by members of the City Police Department on an arrest warrant from the Winnipeg Police Department in an address in Montreal. From Montreal (SPVM).

The suspect was returned to Winnipeg by members of the WPS Serious Crime Division.

Saleh Alimasi Age 

Saleh Alimasi, a 22-year-old Montrealer, has been indicted several times and has been taken into police custody.

Police say they identified a second suspect in the shooting, but the person has since died in an unrelated murder.