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Who was Samuel Little ( Deadliest Serial Killer In American History Died ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime Details, Investigations and More Facts

Samuel Little

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The deadliest serial killer in American history, Samuel Little, died in his California prison cell at the age of 80.

Little, who admitted to killing 93 people in 19 states in four decades, often targeted women in need.

Samuel Target

The animal hunted prostitutes, drug addicts and poor women, mostly black.

Authorities were often unable to find a solution or did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute Little in connection with the murders.

Some of the strangler’s victims are still missing, and law enforcement continues to search for their bodies decades after admitting he killed them.

Authorities say most of Little’s murders would never have been solved if he hadn’t let them happen in 2018.

Evil Little had served multiple life sentences in a California prison.

Police had used Little’s confession for the past two years to reopen unauthorized businesses across the country.

About half of Little’s victims remain unknown, meaning that his death could hamper efforts to close the families of the women he suffered.

Little died in a hospital at 4:53 a.m. Wednesday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said.

Department spokeswoman Vicky Waters said there were no signs of bad play.

The cause of death is not yet known and will be determined by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

DNA Used

In 2014, his DNA was used to tie him up and convict him of three murders, one of which saved his innocence.

It wasn’t until 2018 that he began to confess to James Holland, a Texas ranger who questioned Little about a murder that he later found out that he had not committed.

Little provided more than 700 hours of interviews on a whole litany of murders that only a murderer would know.

Few would have told Holland that the victims he would choose would be those whom Cold Case investigators would often overlook, or “people who would instantly disappear.”

Paintings and Drawings

America’s deadliest serial killer even donated paintings and drawings of his victims to the Netherlands and labeled their similarities with his names whenever he could remember them.

He would also add other details if he remembered them, including the year and place he killed them and where he dumped their bodies.

Authorities have been investigating the killer’s allegations since his 2018 confession. So far, they have confirmed nearly 60 of his murders and believe the others will be true as well.

“Nothing he said turned out to be wrong or wrong,” Holland said in a 2019 CBS interview.

The number of murders confessed to by the madman far exceeds the next highest fatal serial killer. Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway killed 49 people, Ted Bundy killed 36, and John Wayne Gacy killed 33.

“He Sometimes he would go back to the same city and pick a different grape,” Little said in an interview. “How many grapes do they all have here on the vine?”

“I’m not going to go to the White Quarter and choose a girl,” he says.

Because many of the criminal’s victims were drug addicts or sex workers, many prosecutors ruled their deaths simply as an overdose or related to their livelihood.