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Samuel William Davidson

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“What did I do? I killed people. I’m going to jail.” These are the words a drunken Samuel William Davidson spoke to a group of children shortly after plowing after exceeding the speed limit in residential areas of at least 45 mph.

Samuel William Davidson Age

Davidson, 30, killed four children and injured three more when his ute entered the sidewalk in Oatlands, northwest of Sydney, on February 1.

He hit all seven of them from behind on the sidewalk and dragged some along a nearby fence.

Eight-year-old Sienna Abdallah and her siblings Angelina (12) and Antony (13), as well as her cousin Véronique Sakr (13) died while shopping for ice cream at a local supermarket.

Davidson, who is in custody, pleaded guilty to nine counts, including four of manslaughter, and driving at a red light and failing to give his name or address to police.

On that fateful Saturday, he sat by the pool with his roommates and drank vodka cruisers and beer, as Parramatta District Court announced on Friday.

First drink at 7 a.m.

He had his first drink around 7 a.m. and cocaine a day.

He later told police he had about eight strong beers, five rum and cola and no food.

That evening he was driving his blue Mitsubishi 4WD with a friend to get money at a gas station.

After abruptly entering Budget Petrol in North Petrs, he beeped several times as his friend walked inside before leaving and running through a red light.

The pair were seen by witnesses topless and laughing as they drove erratically and turned to either side of the street.

The two made rude hand gestures out the window to different cars on their trip, according to the facts.

Another witness heard that “Davidson’s engine spins suddenly” when a motorcycle pulled away from his car, which was heading on the wrong side of a roundabout.

“Quite lively”

He noticed that the driver was “quite busy” and was moving back and forth with his vehicle.

After stopping at another red light and looking in both directions, “he accelerated sharply in the intersection and went straight on four lanes” before the light turned green.

Shortly after, Davidson attempted to make a sharp right turn on a slope, but lost control of his fast vehicle and walked over the concrete ledge and gutter to meet the children.

A later report found it was traveling up to 133 km / h in a 50 km / h zone and was traveling at around 111 km / h at the time of impact.

After the two unharmed men got out of the vehicle, Davidson looked desperate and heard him say, “What have I done? … I killed people … I’m going to jail.

The total distance between the killed children was about 17.5 meters.

As the community and family gathered in a crowd of around 200, some screaming could be heard and the relief force was called in to provide safety.

Although MDMA was also found to be present in his system, the effects may have been minor after being “severely altered by his blood alcohol level,” according to a report by a toxicologist.

Davidson will be sentenced in March 2021.