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Who is Sarah Henderson ( Victorian Liberal senator said a woman sent her the email on Sunday alleging the rape by a man ) Wiki, Bio, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Sarah Henderson

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A Labor federal legislature was charged with rape in a new email sent to a Liberal Senator and forwarded to the Australian Federal Police, escalating allegations on both sides of the rape policy.

Victoria Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson said Sunday that a woman had emailed her alleged rape by a man who is now a Labor MP in the Bundestag.

The email follows an anonymous letter on Friday about an alleged rape of a man in the federal cabinet in 1988, which followed a two-week debate on former Liberal adviser Brittany Higgins’ allegations of being raped by a federal ministry colleague. Office.

Union leader Anthony Albanese was aware of Senator Henderson’s allegations, but his office said he did not receive the email.

Senator Henderson did not name the Labor MP in question and answered questions by referring to a written statement she made shortly before 6 p.m. Sunday.

“At the end of the afternoon, I sent an email to the Australian Federal Police which I received this afternoon from a woman who claimed to have been raped by a man who is now a member of the Federal Labor Parliament,” she said.

Senator Henderson cited the advice of Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw to urge lawmakers to go to the police for alleged s*xual assault.

“When I reported the matter to AFP immediately, I followed the procedures outlined by Commissioner Kershaw in his letter of February 24, 2021,” he said. “I am making this statement for the sake of complete transparency.”

The Albanian office said it had not received the email on Sunday or in the past few days.

“The Australian Labor Party has seen media reports that Senator Henderson has received a sexual assault complaint and may have forwarded all relevant correspondence to the authorities,” the spokesman said.

AFP confirmed it had received a complaint “related to historical sexual assault” on Sunday but said it would not make any further comments.