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How a Teenager Scott Kologi Shoot his Parents and Family Members? Scott Kologi Wiki, Bio, Age, Charges, Mental Condition and 03 Interesting Facts

Scott Kologi

Scott Kologi Biography – Wiki

The teenager Scott Kologi accused of shooting his parents, sister and family friend at the age of 16, pleaded not guilty to the murders and the charges of arms.

Scott Kologi- Age

He is 18 years old.

Scott Kologi- Charged

Lawyer Scott Kologi  went to court Monday at a hearing. He was first charged as a minor in the shooting at his family’s Long Branch home on New Years Eve in 2017, but the case was referred to adult court last November.

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Scott Kologi- He was 16 at the time of Shooting

Kologi was 16 when Stephen Kologi, 42, and Linda Kologi, 44, were killed with their daughter Brittany, 18, and Mary Schulz, 70. Authorities say the accused’s brother, grandfather and grandfather and another friend were in the house during the shooting, but were not injured.

Scott Kologi- Reason of Killings

Authorities have not revealed a possible reason for the killings.

Scott Kologi- Mental Hospital

In December lawyers tried to transfer Kologi to a mental hospital, but the judge ordered him to remain behind bars pending his trial. They said that Kologa’s mental health issues included a history of hallucinations, autism and “distorted thoughts”.

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Scott Kologi- 03 Interesting Facts

  • He is 18 years old.
  • At the time of Shooting he was 16 years old.
  • He was accused of killing his Brother and other family members.

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