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Naked man ‘carrying a severed hand’ escapes the house where he was being held hostage, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Investigations, Twitter and More Facts

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Naked man ‘carrying a severed hand’ escapes the house

A naked man was seen carrying a severed hand what is believed to be a severed hand after smashing a window and escaping from a house where he was being held captive by kidnappers.

The man is known to have had his hand severely injured or severed before or after smashing the front window of a house on Convamore Road, Grimsby, to escape his captors.

A photo from the scene showed the man carrying what could have been his own severed hand moments later.

The incident sparked a huge response from police and ambulance service at the East Marsh location.

The injured man sought refuge in a store across the street after the incident on Saturday afternoon. Paramedics treated him on site before he was taken to hospital.

He is believed to have been held against his will at his home after being forced to leave another address in Cleethorpes on Saturday morning.

Image, captured by a shocked passer-by

The image, captured by a shocked passer-by, shows the naked man near the Lifestyle Express corner store on the corner of Convamore Road and Ropery Street.

His left forearm is hidden by his body, but in his right hand he appears to be carrying something, which is also shown in the shadow cast on the ground.
There are reports that he was beaten at home, possibly by two men, before managing to escape by throwing himself out of a window.

A semi-detached house across from the store had its first-floor window almost completely destroyed. It was sealed off by police after the incident.

A heavy police presence was in the area after the incident on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses reported broken glass from the window on the ground floor of the house and medical personnel at the scene. The medical equipment used to treat the man was outside the Lifestyle Express store.

One said: ‘Apparently the man jumped out the window with no clothes on and crossed the street to a store.

“Looks like he was treated by paramedics at the store.”

Several police cars and vans descended on the area with the police setting up a large crime scene.

Convamore Road

Convamore Road was isolated from Sixhills Street to Ropery Street with drivers bypassed.

Detectives have been seen conducting door-to-door investigations while awaiting the arrival of investigators at the crime scene.

Humberside Police have been contacted for comment.