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Who was Shane Jerome ( stuntman knifed to death while filming rap music video ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Shane Jerome

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A YOUNG “stuntman” was stabbed to death while filming a rap video with Lamborghini supercars in Brixton High Street, horrified witnesses said.

The victim, named Shane Jerome from devastated friends, was assaulted last night in the midst of chaotic scenes in South London.

Shocked passersby reported how the victim was clutching an ambulance with his chest after the brutal attack at around 8.45pm.

A 45-year-old man said: “I saw the ambulance and a boy lying on the floor. The paramedic was on the phone and he looked pretty stressed and the weird thing was he didn’t want to touch him.”

“A passer-by came in and started resuscitation, then a woman came to help her before the police arrived. The victim ran to the ambulance and hugged his chest.

“He Actually he opened the main door of the ambulance and went in, but then he got out. He tripped backwards and fell to the ground.”

She added: “He looked like he had a lot of blood on him, on his arm and chest.

“I thought they were acting like a comedy or something, but I saw the blood flow down the street.

“It’s almost like there’s been a delay and then suddenly he realizes he’s been stabbed.”

A video clip featuring Lamborghini sports cars, people in balaclavas and a quad bike was filmed near the crime scene.

Witnesses said there was a confrontation between two groups before the blood exploded.

A man told the BBC that he saw “a convoy of cars and quads suddenly collide with a man who was stabbed and others engaged in a fight before fleeing on foot and in a vehicle”.

They continued: “The front of the convoy was a black Range Rover with a driver wearing a hood and men sitting in the trunk of the car with the trunk lid open.

“There was also a red Ferrari and a lime green Lamborghini, as well as two quads. One of the quads got stuck on the pavement.

“The man who was stabbed was lying in the middle of the road with an ambulance immediately on the spot, where the man was immediately resuscitated but seemed lifeless.

“Another man wearing a ski mask and goggles, accompanied by a woman, ran screaming at the victim.”

Shane is said to be in his 20s and is believed to be from Croydon.

A photo posted online showed Jerome, who also worked as a worker on scaffolding, on a blue motorcycle that appears to be the same one that was left at the stabbing scene.

Her heartbroken friend Seleka Gathercole paid tribute online, writing, “My heart is completely broken. I will never recover from your loss, it means more to me than I can explain.”

Meanwhile, devastated friend Rebecca Newell wrote: “Rest in complete peace with one of the best guys you have ever met.

“He was always within reach of my phone, forever and always in my heart.”

Courtney Young, another friend of Shane’s, added: “RIP Shane, I honestly can’t believe it.

“Life is too short, it’s always the least expected. Fly high, man.”

Forensic teams examined a motorcycle, rental bike, and quad bike overnight while police officers guarded a police chain.

A man was arrested on suspicion of serious personal injury after the terrible accident, police said.