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Couple is arrested by assaulting Gulf center employees, Wiki, Bio, Crime, Investigations and More Facts

Shaquan Antoin

Shaquan Foreman Antoin, 25, and Dekotha Arnold were arrested Wednesday night after being filmed assaulting two employees at an Ohio golf course

A man and a woman, Shaquan Antoin, 25, and Dekotha Arnold, 20, were charged with assault and resisting arrest after being beaten at the Independence Post.

The incident occurred just before 11 p.m. after Shaquan Antoin’s card was declined.

Employee Informed Manager

The employee later informed the couple that they were bringing the manager and that his behavior would cause them to leave the office, while another employee asked the couple to calm down.

Arnold turned suddenly and allegedly slapped the woman in the face multiple times when Shaquan Antoin struck the two workers multiple times before the couple ran off, police said.

The video shows the brutal fight with Antoin, who apparently beat the staff before he apparently picked up the money that was on the floor and then ran to the exit.

The pair were eventually held by others when Arnold hit a worker on the head several times before police arrived.

“Police said both victims had visible injuries, including a black eye and a broken tooth,” Fox said 8. “The officer told police he believed the only waiter had passed out when.” “He saw her on the ground.”