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Why Instagram Model Shilpa Sethi couldn’t sit for six months? Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Shilpa Sethi

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An Instagram model Shilpa Sethi says she couldn’t sit for six months because of a botched Brazilian facelift.

“It was very painful,” said Shilpa Sethi, who drew 1.2 million followers to the website with her huge ass in sexy photos, the Daily Mail.

Shilpa Sethi Age

She is 25 years old.

Shilpa Sethi New Delhi woman

The 25-year-old New Delhi woman said she spent $ 10,000 about five years ago to complete the booty-strengthening operation in Miami.

“I always admired a curvy body and I was initially very flat,” said the influencer, who explained that her increased wealth was key to her livelihood, including an X-rated website that didn’t is accessible only for a fee.

Unfortunately, the doctor turned out to be a tramp, she said.

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“I chose it based on what I later discovered as false reviews,” said Sethi.

She said that the buttock lift – where fat was taken from her waist and injected into her buttocks – left her with unilateral buttocks and excruciating pain.

“I couldn’t sit on my butt for months,” she said, who said it had taken Sethi six months to rest comfortably with three more surgeries that still cost 60,000 $.

“Fans say I have the best ass, especially when it moves and drives it crazy,” said Sethi. “And because it’s all my fat, it’s also very sweet.”

The online star said she is now planning breast augmentation.

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