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Who was Shiwangi Bagoan ( NHS hospital worker, Killed her 2-year old daughter and herself ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Shiwangi Bagoan

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  • Shiwangi Bagoan, 25, and Ziana Bagoan, two, were found dead in their home.
  • Police are investigating but said they did not believe anyone else was involved.
  • Baby’s grandmother found the pair with cannulas, medical tubes used to transport drugs through the veins, in her arms in Shiwangi’s room.

A court heard that an NHS worker and her two-year-old daughter committed suicide with drugs that she was taking at work.

Shiwangi Bagoan, 25, and Ziana Bagoan, two, were found dead on December 14 at their home on Old Meadow Lane in Hounslow, west London.

Jassumati Lalu What Found?

The boy’s grandmother, Jassumati Lalu, found the couple with cannulas (medical tubes used to administer medicine into the veins) in her arms in the bedroom of Shiwangi’s apartment shortly after 4 p.m. that day. . -the.

Coroner Lydia Brown told a hearing at West London Coroner’s Court on Monday: “ Although we do not have a full autopsy certificate, the exact medical cause of death is not yet known. It appears that both the baby and the mother were injected with drugs that could have been taken from the mother’s workplace.

“There was a cannula in situ in both arms of the two deceased.”

Police are investigating the deaths, but said they do not believe anyone was involved.

Ms. Bagoan worked as an assistant anesthetist for the NHS Foundation Trust at University College London Hospital.

The Trust described the mother as a “valued member of our team” who “misses her colleagues.”

Police released a photo of the two-year-old and the mother who works for the NHS on Monday after they were found dead in her Hounslow apartment.

Ms. Bagoan’s friend told MailOnline that her mother was a “lovely woman” who fell in love with her little aunt. Others said that she bought bikes for both of them last week.

After last week’s discovery, the friend added: “I only saw her last week and she was fine. Shiwangi lived with his mother and her daughter. As far as I know, he had no partner.

She “she fell in love with little aunt. She was a beautiful woman, a good friend of mine, and I am devastated. I can’t believe she hurt Zia or she killed herself. ‘

The investigation has been postponed until a date to be defined.