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Shooting in Minneapolis results in one man was killed and other seriously injured, Incident details, Victims, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Shooting in Minneapolis

Shooting in Minneapolis Biography    Shooting in Minneapolis Wiki

Shooting in Minneapolis, one man was killed and 11 people were seriously injured when shots were fired on Saturday night in Minneapolis, police said.

Shooting in Minneapolis

The shots were fired at block 2900 on Hennepin Street, “where the windows of a shoe store and the Uptown theater were apparently fired,” said Libor Jany, a reporter for the Star Tribune. Sunday.

He added in a separate tweet that a woman said her 23-year-old daughter was shot twice, including a bullet that tore her leg and hit her in the thigh.

The name and age of the deceased were not immediately released and it was not clear whether anyone was arrested during the incident.

Minneapolis is at the center of protests against racism

Minneapolis is at the center of protests against racism and police brutality that have spread across the country since the death of George Floyd, a black man, when he was arrested by a white police officer.

A first police tweet advised the public to avoid the Uptown Minneapolis neighborhood, a commercial district that includes several bars and restaurants.

Screams were heard in a video posted on Facebook that showed the consequences of the chaotic scene.

Crowds gathered, with victims squatting on the sidewalk before the police showed up to treat them. Blood was visible on the floor after the victims were transported to local hospitals.

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On June 1, Minnesota began authorizing the reopening of bars and restaurants

On June 1, Minnesota began authorizing the reopening of bars and restaurants with limited service after approximately six weeks of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The location of the shots is approximately 5 km west of the commercial areas and hit by riots after Floyd’s death on May 25, prompting a police review. .

Most council members have pledged to support the dismantling of a department that many community activists have called brutal and racist.

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