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Who was Silvia Melendez (died of corona virus)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Death Cause, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Silvia Melendez

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Silvia Melendez died of coronavirus at the age of 24. Her father Marcos on the right said that her 300-pound daughter’s obesity was responsible for her death.

Silvia Melendez Age

She was 24 years old.

Silvia Melendez Died

A grieving father believes his daughter’s pathological obesity is responsible for her death from a coronavirus at the age of 24. 19 in March.

His wife Silvia Sr also adopted a healthy lifestyle after her tragic loss. The couple’s late daughter, from West Valley City, Utah, had a body mass index (BMI) of 60, twice as many as obese, and more than 40 people were considered morbidly obese. Silvia Jr. suffered from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, which she underwent with open heart surgery two years ago. All of these conditions put Silvia at a much higher risk of serious illness or coronavirus death. Her mother, father and brothers are now convinced that their weight has contributed to their untimely death. Marcus told USA Today: “This virus attacks the weakest in your body, especially if you are overweight.

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“The corona virus did a lot of damage to his lungs and then the virus entered his heart. She reacted well with oxygen, then the virus started attacking her heart. It has largely done the opposite. After being hospitalized in March, Silvia Jr. appeared to respond well to oxygen treatment, but suffered a sudden and fatal drop. Silvia Jr. was so heavy that the ICU staff could not lay her flat on her stomach while she was lying on her bed.

The technique has been applied to patients with coronavirus because they can use the least damaged part of their lungs and are less dependent on a ventilator, which significantly damages the patient’s body. When the doctors and nurses moved Silvia Jr., she had difficulty breathing shortly after a few minutes. Patients who respond well to the technique stay on their breasts for up to 17 hours a day. Dr. Jeanette Brown, who treated Silvia at Utah University Health Hospital, said, “We had to turn our backs and try not to lose our airways.” She couldn’t tolerate more than a few minutes. “Marcus’ wife, also known as Silvia started dieting and kept on her new diet shortly before she was admitted to Silvia Jr.’s hospital.

Silvia Sr also fought the corona virus in the hospital but defeated the virus. Marcus said, “I am also very scared of her. “The grieving father wants to remember the daughter he loved and the terrible way she died.” I can’t say how beautiful and nice she was. “A growing number of studies confirm the connection between Obesity and Covid 19 deaths. Everyone with a BMI over 40 is more likely to need intensive care for the coronavirus because of its direct weight, scientists say. This condition also makes it difficult for doctors treat them and insert a ventilator into their lungs if they have respiratory failure. A worrying 42% of Americans are now obese. Public health experts urge doctors to use the coronavirus pandemic to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The corona virus has so far infected 1.6 million Americans and killed more than 96,000 people in the United States.

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