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Simmy Kaur

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  • Simmy Kaur shared images of the incident on Saturday.
  • The video appears to show a man s*xually abusing Ms Kaur while walking through London.
  • Ms. Kaur said the incident occurred on Saturday, the day Sarah Everard woke up.
  • Ms. Everard disappeared while she was walking through the Clapham common area on March 3.

It’s the shocking moment when a masked man appears to be s*xually abusing a woman on the street and asks her to take a picture of her with her in Sarah Everard’s entourage.

The video shows the man approaching the lonely woman and asking her to take a photo with her as he walks down the street in London.

When she refuses, she films the man sitting on an electric scooter leaving and aggressively yelling at her with insults.

Simmy Kaur images online

Simmy Kaur, who shared the images online, said the incident occurred on the same day that the women gathered to pay tribute to Sarah Everard.

The 33-year-old marketing manager disappeared on the way home earlier this month.

She was later found dead and caused widespread anger for the safety of women when she walked in public.

Simmy said: “When Sarah Everard woke up, it just happened. For those who doubt it, it is a daily fact. I was also on my way home.

The video begins with Simmy telling the man, “You’re following me down the street.”

The man, who wears a hoodie and red sneakers and rides an electric scooter, responds, “Don’t take a picture, take a picture with me.”

Simmy responds: “Go away. Let me go for a ride

After Simmy mentions that he took a picture with her, he adds, “No, you’re not taking a picture of me. Leave me alone.”

‘Stop following me.’

As she crosses a street, the man appears to follow her briefly before she leaves.

The 18 second video ends with the man insulting her when she calls him a “monster.”

The clip has been shared hundreds of times on social media with a lot of support.

One person said: “It is deeply uncomfortable. What did she / she say before you started filming it? ‘

Simmy replied, “I wonder where I’m from and I say, if I find him strange, why don’t you talk to him? I specifically said leave me alone and he kept following me!”

Others also supported Simmy with a saying: “I really hope women feel like there are enough men on her side not to shut up. Make a scene. Make noise. We will help you when we hear from you.

She replied, “THANK YOU. More like you, please.

Another said, “Wow, who knew things like this happen every day in upscale neighborhoods.”

However, others asked what happened before the video started, and one asked, “I don’t understand. How did he follow you when he was before you? It seems his opinion is that you started filming it for no reason and the insult was due to that.

But Simmy explained, “I slowed down to let him pass, and as you can see, he stopped there and waited for me.”

The incident occurred on Saturday, the same day, when hundreds of people gathered on Clapham Common to pay their respects to Miss Everard.

Miss Everard disappeared on March 3 on her way home through the region. Her remains were discovered by police on Friday.

Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old metropolitan police officer, has been charged with kidnapping and murder.

Organizers of Reclaim These Streets canceled a memorial vigil for Everard after Scotland Yard rejected her proposals to secure Covid.

A superior court judge also refused to intervene in a lawsuit started by the organizers.

Mourners in face masks flocked to the room all day, including the Duchess of Cambridge, who visited the makeshift shrine in private.

But a Saturday night vigil in Everard’s memory ended with police shoving protesters to the ground in footage that shocked the nation.

Police Chief Cressida Dick said today that the tragedy of Everard’s death made her “absolutely determined” to keep her job.

Dame Cressida said her officers successfully ended the event in which thousands of people broke Covid rules.

Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel are believed to have “full confidence” in her when she calls for her resignation because of the way officials handled the protests.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “not happy” with Dame Cressida’s response, but that he still is.