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Who was Singer Zion ( Rock musician, 48, died of a brain haemorrhage ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, Fans, Death Cause, Net Wealth, Investigation and More Facts

Singer Zion

Singer Zion Biography                                                 Singer Zion Wiki

A 48-year-old rock musician and Singer Zion died of a cerebral haemorrhage two weeks after being vaccinated against AstraZeneca due to rare complications caused by the vaccination.

Singer Zion

The singer, known as Zion, fell ill with an excruciating headache on May 13 – eight days after the first stab at Penrith Auction Mart in Cumbria.

He died on May 19 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

The death of Zion is under investigation, but a preliminary death certificate lists an irreversible brain injury caused by bleeding caused by “complications of a Covid-19 virus vaccine.”

Singer Zion Personal Life

His fiancée Vikki Spit, 38, who had only been apart from him one night in 21 years, said her life was “broken into a million pieces”.

The couple met in a London rock club and toured the glam punk band Spit Like This for many years before settling in a peaceful country life in Alston, near the Northumberland-Cumbrian border, in 2014.

Two days after Zion’s excruciating headache began, she called an ambulance, but said that she had been told by a paramedic that it had been “too long” since it was bitten to be the cause.

Zion’s condition worsened, and he died in hospital on May 19, the provisional death certificate listing cerebral haemorrhage from vaccination complications as the cause.

Ms. Spit was “completely depressed” by the loss and although she says she is still “approving”, she urges the government to better educate medical staff about the side effects.

She also urges ministers to revise the vaccination damage compensation system after learning that they will not receive compensation unless they can prove that Zion was “60% disabled” before he died.

UK health chiefs last month recommended that anyone under 40 should be offered an alternative to AstraZeneca’s vaccine for fear of blood clots.

More than 330 cases of a rare coagulation disorder have been detected in 24.2 million recipients of the vaccination – or about one in 75,000 people. 58 patients died.

Born in Dorking, Surrey, Zion met Ms Spit more than 30 years ago at a London rock club and the couple have been “inseparable” ever since.

The singer was christened Zion by his hippie parents, but was also named Lord Zion. His last name is unknown.

He and Mrs. Spit moved to the North Pennines in 2014 and got engaged in 2019.

Ms. Spit said, “We’ve been in a rock band for over a decade, but the fun of it has diminished.”

She began working as a nonviolent horse trainer in Northumberland while Zion restored ancient paintings and worked as a writer and filmmaker.

“We were supposed to get married in April, but it wasn’t because of Covid. I regret that even more now, ”said Ms. Spit.

She added, “We knew younger people weren’t getting the AztraZeneca vaccine, but it wasn’t in that age group so we didn’t think anything about it. It was all good, he had done his part, he protected the people.

Zion had no side effects for the first week – but she called the ambulance on May 15 when it failed to get out of bed.

She said, “The first responder took all the information and thought it was relevant that he had the vaccine, but the paramedic said it had been too long and they concluded he had a migraine.”

Ms. Spit called the paramedics again two days later when Zion started obscuring his words before having a seizure.

He had another seizure while the ambulance staff were there and was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Ms. Spit said, “I couldn’t go with him so I gave him a kiss and a hug and told him I would see him soon. I hope he understood.

“I thought he had had a stroke and would be fine – he was extremely fit and healthy. For example, I got my provisional driver’s license so I could get us in and out of town while I looked after him. ‘

Hours later she said, “The neurosurgeon called me and said they had to remove a massive piece of skull because the pressure on his brain was enormous.

“They said they had never seen anything like it – they didn’t expect him to wake up, and if he did, he would be in a coma. And they said they thought it was caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. ‘

Since his death, Zion has helped save three lives by donating his liver and kidneys for transplants and other organs for medical research.

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