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Who is Sofia Franklyn (s*x podcaster)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Sofia Franklyn

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This s*x podcaster Sofia Franklyn says he’s fucked up – by his best friend.

Sofia Franklyn, half of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, broke the silence on the sordid drama behind the breakdown of her dirty program and the friendship with her co-host Alexandra Cooper, 26.

Sofia Franklyn Age

She is 28 years old.

Sofia Franklyn on Tuesday

On Tuesday afternoon, the 28-year-old took her Instagram stories to accuse Cooper of stabbing her in the back while they renegotiated their contract with Barstool Sports. Franklyn also said he was looking for outside deals to benefit his fans.

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“I found out that Alex went behind my back and did something. And I discovered that it was not the first time. And that’s why we are here. I trusted Alex. I feel betrayed, “said Franklyn in the video.

Sofia Franklyn’s boy friend

Cooper, Franklyn, and Franklyn’s boyfriend – HBO Sports fan Peter Nelson – did not respond to requests for comment from The Post. Bar stool declined to comment.

The Post reported that Cooper and Franklyn, who were trying to get out of their contract with Barstool Sports because they had other lucrative offers on the table, turned around. In the middle of the schism was Nelson, who was supposed to buy them, even though they were still under contract. His influence is believed to be at the origin of a conflict between friends, who had not recorded a podcast since the beginning of April.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy directed his podcast on Sunday evening to resolve the dispute, including allegations that Cooper and Franklyn, who claim poverty on their podcast, made nearly $ 500,000 in the first year. He said he also offered them a love deal that Cooper wanted to accept, but Franklyn refused.

Sofia Franklyn Video Message to Fans

Franklyn addressed the controversy directly on Tuesday in a video message to fans.

“There have been a lot of crazy things – playing around and some are true, others are false,” she said. “Alex and I created ‘Call Her Daddy’ together. In March 2018, we created it. And at that time, we were best friends, roommates, probably as sisters. Then we took the show to Barstool Sports. ”

Franklyn acknowledged that Barstool Sports was responsible for their overnight success, but she and Cooper wanted to explore other options for a variety of reasons – one of which was for the benefit of their fan base, known as “Dad “Gang”.

Franklyn said the couple regretted how they ran their business, but says she was looking forward to returning to Barstool. That is why they met Portnoy, who then extended the agreement.

“This is where the story gets extremely complicated,” she said, adding that Cooper went behind his back, but gave no details.
“I’m ready to do ‘Call Her Daddy’. I really am. I can’t do it under the circumstances she wants,” she said, saying “it forced her to control the program “.

She continued: “We are partners. We have always been like that. We were still 50/50, which put me in an extremely difficult position. So here we are. ”

Sofia Franklyn Thanked to Fans

She then thanked the fans, who stayed with her.

“I can’t even put into words what it meant to me. I remember when I left my job so that we could all become a family, a gang, or whatever, and I will be forever grateful. You are the reason I am here.

Franklyn, however, has remained silent on accusations that Nelson – whom many of his fans accuse of ruining the podcast – was behind the drama and didn’t even mention his name.