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Who is Sofia Stuzhuk( FITNESS influencer wife who died after contracting with Covid-19 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Sofia Stuzhuk

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Sofia Stuzhuk wife of a FITNESS influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk who thought Covid-19 did not exist has died aged 33 after contracting the virus while traveling in Turkey. Dmitriy Stuzhuk was released from hospital in his native Ukraine after testing positive, but was discharged and his health rapidly deteriorated.

Dmitriy Stuzhuk Age

To his million subscribers, the 33-year-old looked super fit as he promoted exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

But his ex-wife and mother of three children, Sofia Stuzhuk, 25, who announced his death, said the coronavirus had caused heart complications.

After falling ill, he wrote to his fans: “I want to share how I got sick and give everyone a strong warning.

“I was one of those who thought that Covid did not exist …

“Until I fell ill.”

He told them, “COVID-19 IS NOT A LIVING DISEASE! And it’s hard. ”

Dmitriy woke up in Turkey with a swollen neck and difficulty breathing, he said.

Upon his return to Ukraine, he tested positive and was hospitalized.

“The hospital is full of people, some of whom are being treated in the hallways,” he wrote.

He showed how he needed an oxygen machine to breathe.

After eight days, he was allowed to leave his service instead of staying in the overcrowded Kiev hospital.


But after a few hours he was returned to hospital, where Sofia said he would soon be in “serious condition” and “unconscious”.

Sofia – who has five million followers – wrote in the fight for life: “Dima (Dmitriy) was having problems with his cardiovascular system …

“His heart is not …”

He suffered clinical death, but medical professionals restarted his heart.

She wrote: “Her condition is extremely serious. No one can do anything with it.

“I did everything to ensure that the father of my three children lived. But now nothing depends on me … ”

Then Sofia, heartbroken, announced her death.

The couple had three children, David, Lola and Olivia. The youngest is only nine months old.

They parted ways six months ago after complaining of “constant betrayal, swearing, confrontation and stress,” but recently said they were back on good terms.

She wrote: “Only warm memories, three beautiful children and precious experiences remain.

“God, it’s so terrible to realize that he is no longer with us …”

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