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Who was Sonia Partridge ( Mum of 13, Died from COVID at age 35 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Details, Information and More Facts

Sonia Partridge

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Sonia Partridge, 35, died Tuesday in hospital with his heartbroken wife and mother by their side

Destroyed partner Kerry-Ann said, “I can’t get my face out of my head and I never want to forget it.”

The “father” of their 13 children said Sonia was “intimidated because she is so tall” but “she gave us all the confidence that we didn’t care what other people thought”.

Sonia had two children and Kerry-Ann had six, the other five from a sperm donor.

To avoid tears, Kerry-Ann of Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham said, “I go into a room and hope to see her, but she’s not there.

“I see young children running around like nothing has changed and it’s very hard to accept that they’ll never be seen grown up.”

Student midwife Kerry-Ann said Sonia “loved everyone with passion” and caring for her 11 youngest children would be “very difficult” without her.

Sonia, who had underlying health problems, was hospitalized Friday and could only handle “a word or two”.

Against her tears, Kerry-Ann said, “He was too tired and decided to take off his oxygen mask and walked very quickly.”

He revealed that the owners had given them an eviction notice and organized a fundraiser to help cover Sonia’s funeral expenses and help them through the winter.

16-year-old Meera Jo saw her mother in the hospital before she died and said “there will never be enough words” to pay tribute to her.

He said, “He’s made a huge hole in our whole life.

“It is difficult to tell the little ones that he has gone with the angels and will not return home.

“No matter how difficult things were for her, she always put everyone first and now she’s gone.

“We just feel numb and sometimes we cry and we can’t stop crying.”

“And if we laugh now, we’re sorry he isn’t here to laugh with us.”

Kerry-Ann said that she, Meera, and the other children, the youngest of whom is two years old, are coping with their loss through activities Sonia loved.

She said, “We’ll clean the house and bring out the Christmas decorations.

“Sonia loved Christmas, it was her favorite season. She put a lot of magic into everything she did.

“She was the housekeeper, the foundation of our house.

“She ran to take care of the little ones, to make sure the clothes were made, and to be there for the kids when they wanted to hug them,” she says.

“We just want people to know how great it was.”